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demicoeur / 36 / female / Canada

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Cinderfrost Patreon

So, I’ve given this a lot of consideration, and I’ve decided to try funding my comic, Cinderfrost, through Patreon. I’ve wanted to finish this comic for ages, and originally I wanted to do that with whatever spare time I had and avoid monetizing it (because that inevitably created drama and never a…

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Commissions Chosen for April

Hi again! Thanks to everyone who applied for a commission slot this week. It was honestly really difficult to choose, as there were a lot of really cool ideas, interesting characters, etc. Please don't be offended if yours wasn't chosen this time around, it just means I didn't have time to squeeze…

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Commissions CLOSED

Hi! So doing something a little different, I'm opening commissions for the week. I'll select a wide assortment of them (not all of them), and work on those throughout the month. So no rush, you can fill out the form at your leisure and figure out what you want. I'll choose them on Friday, so take y…

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The Move is Happening

I may be a little slower than usual around here, as my move is finally happening and I'm going to be on a one-way flight at the end of this month. Please, if you've paid for a commission and you have a specific date you want it by, or aren't okay with waiting a little longer than usual, please tell…

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Art Tutorial Book Hard Copy Sales + PDF

I've lately been getting a lot more questions about my tutorial book, which was finished a while ago. Not sure where the sudden influx came from, but for those interested, you can fill out this form to purchase the PDF for $10.…

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Thanks for the Follows + CinderFrost Updates

Hello everyone! Thanks to everyone who's started following me here now. I really love this place in terms of its functionality and organization, so I'm glad you're all giving it a chance. It'll encourage me to be around more often if there's an active community about :) Also just wanted to say that…

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Tutorial Pack Indiegogo!

Hey everyone! So a lot of you voiced an interest in a package of art tutorials. I've been putting together an indiegogo campaign to support this project and it's finally ready to go! INDIEGOGO LINKIE Everything is explained in depth there. Deadline is April 1st and there are several different pay t…

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Collections/Reposting Commissions

For my commissioners whose work I've uploaded, if you want me to link your weasyl icon or send a collection offer for your commissioned work or work in which your character appears, please just send me a message or comment here with a link to the work in question. Because not everyone is using the…

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Restocking My Gallery

Hello all you lovelies who've followed me here! I will be restocking my gallery with both old and new artwork. Not all of it, because frankly there's just too much and I don't even know how to begin to credit/link to every commissioner who's ever gotten work from me. I'm going to do it over the cou…