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I laught at and by myself a lot. I love a good horrorstory but hate to sleep alone after hearing it. I prefer my endings good. I have never met a normal person and I bet neither have you. I used to draw a lot before I fell of from the saddle. At the moment I am getting back on the horse and getting drunk from life again.

On sidenote: it is actually really unfair for zombies to be able to leap from building to building like a rabid animal where as I can only leap from my chair to the floor with a face landing. Just a thought.



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Nominations what?

Hi guys,

Been super busy! SUPER BUSY!
Apparently I got nominated for Silver Reuben award and appear nominated with Lissa Treiman and John Allison for Eisner award. How cool is that? (answer: holy muffin munching cow! SO COOL!)

Anyways! I am still doing Giant Days and I am about to finish my degree which MEANS during the summer - drums please - if I get all my living sorted out I will be able to put content in here again! Whee! And possibly do trades and commissions! SUPER WHEE!

How are you guys doing?

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Full body, colored
from € 40.00
to € 70.00

With this you get your character in basic pose. The more details you need for the pose (that hand goes how and that foot goes WHERE?) or on the character (extra limbs, highly detailed pattern, complicated costume) costs extra.

NAUGHTY STUFF?: I won't draw anything sexual (character openly masturbating or having a raging boner). I will draw sexy (suggestive looks, sexy posing in good taste) and I will draw casual nudity (sauna anyone?) but random boners and close ups of any anatomical holes aren't my cup of tea. Strap-on's are cool tho.

ROBOTS?: Come at me, I love a challenge! (extra cost because takes more time)

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DRAW: Realistic bodytypes, ladies (always), fun stuff!

Any MEHs?: Angsty stuff. Unless I know you really well and we are having the best damn role-play ever.

Any NOPES?: Racist or sexist stuff. Rape. Never. Ever. EVER!

Pictures from only description?: Yup! That'll be +15€.
Pictures from photos: Yup! That'll be +15€.

If you have any questions, just ASK! Asking costs you nothing! No strings attached!



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    Sorry if I accidentally followed twice! ; _ ; Weasyl is still confusing me a little bit hehe

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      No worries what so ever! Much appreciated!

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    My panic has subsided now that I have found you on Weasyl

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      Hurray for less panic?

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    wwwoah thanks for the follow back ;;; x ;;; you're so cool

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    siiiigh i allways have to come after you. :D
    Or you just hate me and run away T_T

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      xD Never run away!