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I am a streamer, trade worker & furry artist with autism. Currently trying to make it past an art block. Furry art became my passion. It has only grown since I recently found out I'm pansexual. Recently, I've started making streaming graphics & emotes, outfitting my channel on Twitch with them. I plan one day to get my head back in the realm of full blown art. I always look forward to seeing the art of my interests, friends & people I consider my furry family.

I am a massive Trekkie & maintain a fleet on Star Trek Online, running it with NikkyVix.

Religiously, I have none as an Athiest; but know many kind people of multiple faiths & unfortunately some who are not so kind.

My policy always is always this: If one has enough strength, courage & constitution to accept me for who I am, it's good. :3

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Embrace What Scares You Tomorrow <3

Halloween has a similar function to that of Xmas & Thanksgiving, but in a marvelously different way. See, Halloween reminds us not to avoid the darkness & dark things in our lives. Many of these things serve a valuable purpose. Many of them the reason we're here at all.

Darkness exists in the absence of light, to remind us to take risks. Outer space is the ultimate expression of a veil most important to pierce. We now know that in the murky depths of what is beyond our planet could be the salvation of many of our plights, including environmental, power generation & scientific problems. In Darkness Dwells Prosperity.

Many of the creatures that superstition forbodes us from cherishing are actually the very animals we should respect & protect. Bats keep us from succumbing to diseases & infestations, opossums keep our surroundings clear of decay, crows also do that as well & keep invasive species from destroying our environment, rats are extremely loyal & joyful pets & black cats are just as beloved pets as any other.

What we often dream up in our heads that ends up in horror movies, scary books & time honoured tales serves a great purpose, too. Our cultural contributions to the frightful & eerie help us see that in order to overcome fear, one must embrace it. Sometimes we do are best when we're afraid. It's how many of us become great at what we love to do.

So remember this Halloween Monday: Embrace what is scary, for they are the very things that brought us here & give us a future. All one has to do is to take a leap into the unknown. <3

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