I am a web developer/grocery clerk living in Calgary, Canada. Furry art has always been a thing for me. Although, it really didn't take root until 2001-ish. If I was to go back to find the inspiration for furry art, there are a couple: First, Newton from the old Mighty Hercules cartoons & later in life, the werewolf vixen from the cult classic manga style cartoon, Cybersix.

I have always been tilted towards art in life & began developing characters from an early age. Asperger's Syndrome does that to you: Makes you really good at one thing & reduces your social skills in accordance, but I digress... First it was dragons, then humans with animal & dragon forms, eventually progressing into today's more furry based characters.

I strive not for perfection in work, but for uniqueness. Perfection does not mean much if the final product doesn't have a bit of you in it. Remember that art is whatever you can get away with. Being you is something no one else can stop you from doing. That's something I hold dear.

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Here Comes The Sun

on 19 March 2019 at 16:39:38 MDT


I've been inundated with a cold the last few days, but it happens! :P

So far, the weather is getting much better in Calgary after 2 months of bone chilling, school cancelling , polar vortex crap. It's unusually warm this week & might not last long, but it shouldn't be going back to where it was. I'm currently working on a fun sketch of Galaranth - yet again - walking down the straits like a boss... but this time with shades & away from an explosion shi's not looking back from. Even though Michael Bay is a weiner, I thought it best to try something fun :3 . Hopefully I'll complete this sketch & it will merit some digital transformation :3 .

Here's hoping yer spring brings with it some warm weather & good Vibes,
The Incredible G/Galaranth

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    Creeps up in the shadows and lifts you up into a big bone crushing tiger hug GGGGGGGGggggggggrrrrrr!! Thanks for all the +faves!

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    Awww thank you :3