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I am a web developer/grocery clerk living in Calgary, Canada. Furry art has always been a thing for me. Although, it really didn't take root until 2001-ish. If I was to go back to find the inspiration for furry art, there are a couple: First, Newton from the old Mighty Hercules cartoons & later in life, the werewolf vixen from the cult classic manga style cartoon, Cybersix.

I have always been tilted towards art in life & began developing characters from an early age. Asperger's Syndrome does that to you: Makes you really good at one thing & reduces your social skills in accordance, but I digress... First it was dragons, then humans with animal & dragon forms, eventually progressing into today's more furry based characters.

I strive not for perfection in work, but for uniqueness. Perfection does not mean much if the final product doesn't have a bit of you in it. Remember that art is whatever you can get away with. Being you is something no one else can stop you from doing. That's something I hold dear.

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Party Bus Building Momentum, Ain't Getting Of It

on 21 November 2020 at 02:33:29 MST

"I've got somethin' to tell ya
I've got news for you
Gonna put some wheels in motion
Get ready 'cause we're comin' through (comin' through)
Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now
Happiness is just around the corner
Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now
We'll be there for you

The Venga bus is comin' and everybody's jumpin'
New York through San Fransisco
An interstate free disco,
The wheels of steel are turnin' and traffic lights are burnin'
So if you like to party,
Get on and move your body"
- We Like To Party (Jason Nevins RMX) [This mix SLAPS!]

Next year is gonna be awesome, eh?

I'm mean honestly... I'm excited. A man who has inspired racists to threaten friends of mine received a democratic walloping, I'm getting a CPAP machine for better sleep & two or more companies have come up with Coronavirus vaccines that most likely will be put into production... Hundred Million by Treble Charger indeed. :3

Hell, this December looks to be amazing as well, even with COVID bugging Xmas a little. I just feel like we all only are just getting started, the adrenaline is flowing, the power of it coming like Lazy Jay's fast lyrics. It's all just winding up, gaining momentum, not stopping, running over any zealot roadblocks like a tank with felt marker missiles.

It feels good. It feels good to watch my American friends' hearts steel & sing. If the world continues like this, it's gonna be an awesome place to live. Heh, this art block might dissolve even. Signs are there it will! Party hard everyone. Pinkie Pie the hell out of the rest of this year. Boss Mode time. :3

- The Incredible G

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    Creeps up in the shadows and lifts you up into a big bone crushing tiger hug GGGGGGGGggggggggrrrrrr!! Thanks for all the +faves!

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    Awww thank you :3