I am a web developer/grocery clerk living in Calgary, Canada. Furry art has always been a thing for me. Although, it really didn't take root until 2001-ish. If I was to go back to find the inspiration for furry art, there are a couple: First, Newton from the old Mighty Hercules cartoons & later in life, the werewolf vixen from the cult classic manga style cartoon, Cybersix.

I have always been tilted towards art in life & began developing characters from an early age. Asperger's Syndrome does that to you: Makes you really good at one thing & reduces your social skills in accordance, but I digress... First it was dragons, then humans with animal & dragon forms, eventually progressing into today's more furry based characters.

I strive not for perfection in work, but for uniqueness. Perfection does not mean much if the final product doesn't have a bit of you in it. Remember that art is whatever you can get away with. Being you is something no one else can stop you from doing. That's something I hold dear.

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Coming Back To Life - Power of The Introvert

on 8 May 2020 at 00:18:53 MDT

The snow is gone... It's actually gone! The rain has washed it all away.

Finally. Spring is making a stand & winter is fading like a bigot when encountering a group of courageously open minded people. I'm glad. Hopefully soon, the weather will be hot & sunny & help ease my stress. Can't wait to sit outside & gather all those rays & warm vibes. My dad is thinking of renovating the back deck of the house. I'm inclined to join him. Sure beats letting my brain overthink or sleeping out of pure stress. It's set to be a bit chilly from Sunday to Wednesday, but not enough to let snow stay.

Seriously, i cannot wait. I hope this summer is hot. Just to sweat outside at this point is a priviledge, considering how awful the end point of winter was.

I can't help but chuckle at all the people telling me to 'get outside & go places' going stir crazy with this pandemic. A little bit of humourous retribution, hopefully teaching them a lesson about how it's not any more easy being an introvert than extrovert. Self sufficiency doesn't rely on being autonomously sociable; It relies on helping yourself. Something we all need to learn to do.

My games, my art & capping shelves at work whilst grooving to good tunes empowers me; Helps me deal with the bullcrap of people losing their mind over a paradigm shift in life. If you don't like the economic lockdown, don't pay attention to it. I honestly think these lockdown protesters are upset because they have nothing to do, like they have to be supervised on how to spend free time.

Shows how strong introverts are & how important we are; And now many simply can't handle that the popular social kids are now less valued than the misfit nerds, gaining power in their studies. We got our streaming buddies, we got our hobbies, our videogames & they empower us. It definitely feels good to be OG in spending time. :3

Take Care,

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