I am a young artist, 16 years old, and I like to draw for fun. I also enjoy video editing and want to learn to become an animator so that I can one day animate my stories into the form of a series in the future. I like to draw anime/manga style characters as well as strong anthro characters.

I am a talented young artist among many, its not like I am the only teenager who can draw friking anime. I don't even consider myself the best artist in the world. In fact, sometimes I get stressed out when I feel I can't draw something the right way and sometimes beat myself up over it. But if I keep practicing, it all works out. I want to show people all the stories I have come up with, as well as the characters that dwell within the worlds of said stories. Chances are that I may even submit writing entries here as well.

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Valentines Day

on 14 February 2018 at 21:38:00 MST

So I don't have a whole lot to say other than Happy Valentines day. I didn't really do much to celebrate it really. I mean, my mother and I had to our our dog to the vet, and we had to wait there for over an hour. I think they had to get a sample of his blood or something, but I'm pretty sure he's fine.

As for how I'm feeling now. Well... maybe not in a perfect mood, But I am glad that other people are having a good day. But the good news is that I'm designing new characters. I'm excited to show them to you. Though no new arts, sorry. Although I do have some new ideas regarding the story behind these characters. And funny enough, it's actually kind of romantic. Although its an idea that I had literally just come up with a few days ago. I was barely even thinking about Valentines Day when it appeared in my head.
Though thankfully I don't plan on going crazy and writing some cheesy romance novel or something. I'm still young, and I hardly even consider myself a good writer. I'll probably just show you the art and explain whats going on in the description or something. I also have other interesting ideas besides romance, I may even upload a few sketches if that's alright with you guys. I've done it before.

Anyways, I hope you all had a better day than me. Mine wasn't bad, just boring. But I guess hour long vet visits are better than nothing.

So Happy Valentines day!

I'll be sure to update soon in another journal. See ya! :)

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