Welcome to my profile. My name is Eli, as seen in my username. I am a young artist currently at the age of 17 who likes to draw as a hobby. I also specialize in other forms of art, such as video editing and music design. I have dreams to eventually become an animator so I can animate my stories and characters. I mostly specialize in drawing an art style in resemblance to that of Japanese anime/manga. I also can draw anthromorphic characters. I am also working on a story which most of these characters are a part of.

Because I can get a little distracted, I may take long to upload a project that I've worked on to any account that I have. I also acknowledge that my art isn't perfect (and never will be even as a professional) but I practice, and I have noticed a bit of an improvement with each project I work on. You may be able to notice it too if you look at my older works. My main goal in my social media is to tell stories about my characters, the worlds they dwell in, and the adventures they have. However, I also write journal entries about things that happen in my personal life. So you may get to know a little about me as a person too. Although be warned, I'm still a teenager. So if your an adult you may find some of the things I say to be a little questionable.

Anyways, I hope you like my art.

Btw If you ever feel like commenting, that's great! But please try not to be too disrespectful. Constructive criticism is fine, but I'd much rather not see this relatively friendly site become a cesspool of unnecessary negativity. Don't worry, no hard feelings :) Just want everyone to be nice. Kay? Thank you. :)

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Happy New Year Everyone!

on 31 December 2018 at 04:23:25 MST

To whoever reads this, I hope that you had a decent year. I also hope you had an enjoyable Christmas.

I also give thanks to those who took the time to view and/or favorite my work. I truly appreciate it. I also thank the ones who decided to follow me and befriend me on this site. I do like sending the occasional messages to people through the comment sections. I never spam anything, but it's still kind of fun since you are contacting another human being across the world.

As for me, some of you may be asking how my Holidays went. Well, they weren't too exciting, I'll be honest. But I did get some useful presents this year.

For one, I got a new pair of headphones. My current ones have been getting a little faulty, but it's not too bad.

I also got an external hard drive for my computer. It adds more space to my software, so I can work on about as many projects as I want for now.

I also got a new pen... which looks like the elder wand... from Harry Potter...

guess I'm invincible now :)

Anyways, that was my year. I wish you all a Happy New Year as we prepare for 2019. More submissions will be on both my Weasyl and Deviantart accounts.

I'll update when I can. But in the meantime, Happy New Year!

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