Prostapheresys (or sometimes "Prostap" for short) has always been my online name: it started almost as a joke between my friends back when I was still in High School, so it became my gaming name first and later my username on every online account.
It is not my fursona name however: my "true" name is Auran.

Who is Auran then?
Au = Aurum (Gold), for my virtues...
Ra = Radium, for my vices...
N = Nitrogen, for my introvert yet sometimes "explosive" personality...

Auran is the off-spring of an Ouroboros, the creature who eats its own tail in a never ending cycle,
a being often associated with Alchemy since it represents the ever-transforming matter all around us,
as well as immortality, the eternal return, and more... Something I can relate to.

But Auran is not alone in this cycle... intertwined in an infinite loop with him, is also his female companion, Agnes...
Ag = Argentum (Silver), for her grace and virtues...
Ne = Neon, for her quiet and serene nature...
S = Sulfur, for the hidden fire she can release if provoked...

Just like Auran, Agnes is an Ouroboros too... sharing similar powers and even some personality traits as well.
Some might think they are brother and sister or relatives, but they are not!
Although they are still very close in a way, more than they like to think as they are endlessly drawn to each other...
a sort of greater truth that unifies time and the universe...

Good day, and thanks for stumbling on my page! Here is where I enjoy being part of the furry community and where I also share my works! I mainly focus on writing, especially fantasy, but only as a free-time hobby, which means I actually dedicate very little time on writing since I'm also a Chemistry University student XD
I hope to one day finish developing a modern fantasy collection of short stories, interconnected by a greater plot that drives the various characters. They all come under the title "The Avalon Archives" at the moment, and they are set in an alternate world where magic and all mythological creatures, collectively known as 'the Enchanted', have always existed but the humans had prevailed thanks to technology; that is until the Enchanted came back after World War I. Now mankind lives in peace together with them thanks to an international organization called the Avalon Agency, but the problems seem to not be over yet... so expect to see in my gallery a few stories and commissioned art about the characters inhabiting such world! ^_^
This said, I also like other genres, and I am no stranger to erotica and kinky stuff XD in fact I do submit NSFW stories sometimes if you're interested... additionally, I love RPs (especially if kinky XD)!

----> List of my OCs <----

Aloysius, Hippogryph (Pegasus variant) ♂ - background  - species info [LINK]
Cédric du Coq, Cockatrice
♂ - background ✔ - species info  [LINK]
Eyreen, Fairy [Herm] - background
✘ - species info  [LINK]
Fabian, Capricorn (Nokken + Satyr crossbreed) 
♂ - background  - species info ✔ [LINK]
Glynne, Glaystic (Satyr variant)
♀ - background ✔ - species info ✔ [LINK]
Hwyr, Unicorn + Nightmare crossbreed
♂ - background ? - species info  [LINK]
Ippolyta, Centaur 
♀ - background ✔ - species info ✔ [LINK]
Jeliel, Pegasus ♂ - background ✘ - species info  [LINK]
Kraikugree, Merfolk
♂ - background - species info [LINK]
Kydrane, Kitsune + Hydra crossbreed [unknown gender] - background
? - species info  [LINK]
Lorena, Lycanthrope (former human) 
♀ - background ✘ - species info  [LINK]
Lym & Myl (aka "Lymmyl"), Gargoyle (Changeling variant) 
♂ - background ✘ - species info ✔ [LINK]
Mirena, Nymph
- background ✘ - species info  [LINK]
Nishta Manara, Naga 
- background ✘ - species info ✔ [LINK]
???, Nokken - background
✘ - species info ✘ [MALE and FEMALE version]
Okikri, Merfolk 
♀ - background ✔ - species info ✔ [LINK]
???, Seraph [unknown gender] - background ? - species info ✔ [LINK]
Shivshekar, Naga ♂ - background ✘ - species info ✔ [LINK]
Tzargshaznakk, Half-Demon Dragon
♂ - background - species info [LINK]
Xian-Uhuru, Qilin 
♀ - background ✘ - species info ✔ [LINK]
Zagrabeth, Deva/Asura 
♀ - background ✘ - species info ✔ [LINK]


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Coronavirus & Italy + personal updates

on 13 March 2020 at 09:19:11 MDT

Lots of things are going on around here and the world, plus I might a few things to tell... so a journal is due.

Coronavirus in Italy
By now I assume you all now about the new epidemic and that my country is sadly one of the most affected... As of today, the quarantine is being held on a national level until the 3rd of April, but the government could totally extend it past that date if the situation doesn't improve significantly.
While it is in effect, all travels are extremely limited; moving inside the town you reside in is fine, but getting out of any town is forbidden unless you have a valid reason and a permit to prove it (work, medical assistance, things like that...)
Additionally all public events and festivals have been cancelled. Many activities are now closed as well, with things like grocery stores, pharmacies and post offices being among the few exceptions; restaurants can only offer home deliveries if they want to remain open and most employees need to switch to teleworking (if applicable) or respect the minimum safe distance of 1-2 meters from each other. All citizens going out should respect this minimum safe distance as well.
Educational activities are suspended in schools and universities, so they are now offering online lecturing.

How is this affecting me?
Well, luckily I am fine at the moment, although I pretty much remain stuck at home with family. Many people out there are panicking and overreacting about this situation, which doesn't really help... my mother seems to be one of those sometimes. My biggest concern instead is about university, because online lecturing aside (which was an interesting new experience for me), I am worried about how I will be able to take my exams :/
Also, both me and my little cousin need the PC now for studying... thankfully we still had a couple old computers laying around in the house (Windows XP... feel old yet? OOOF) that I managed to fix after lots of trial and error. That should ensure I can always keep my PC for myself to remain in touch with my friends and play with them on the iinternet ;P

What's next? OwO
I still need to plan ahead after all this, which caught me a bit off-guard to say the least...
What I can tell you for sure is that there's a new commission coming, plus a short story I am trying to write in the meantime amidst all this mess '^w^
The big news is that I am willing to do a big leap and start offering commissions myself! Seeing how my latest Eros2000 cover arts were being positively received, I was interested in doing them as commissions for anyone interested in a cover art featuring their own OC! However, the current situation has slightly changed my plans, so while I am still looking forward to it, I don't think I will open for commissions soon. But stay tuned nonetheless ;P

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