Prostapheresys (or sometimes "Prostap" for short) has always been my online name: it started almost as a joke between my friends back when I was still in High School, so it became my gaming name first and later my username on every online account.
It is not my fursona name however: my "true" name is Auran.

Who is Auran then?
Au = Aurum (Gold), for my virtues...
Ra = Radium, for my vices...
N = Nitrogen, for my introvert yet sometimes "explosive" personality...

Auran is the off-spring of an Ouroboros, the creature who eats its own tail in a never ending cycle,
a being often associated with Alchemy since it represents the ever-transforming matter all around us,
as well as immortality, the eternal return, and more... Something I can relate to.

Good day, and thanks for stumbling on my page! Here is where I enjoy being part of the furry community and where I also share my works! I mainly focus on writing, especially fantasy, but only as a free-time hobby :P
At the moment my number one project is developing a modern fantasy collection of short stories, interconnected by a greater plot that drives the various characters. They all come under the title "The Avalon Archives" (finally decided a proper name for them XD), and they are set in an alternate world where magic and all mythological creatures, collectively known as 'the Enchanted', have always existed but the humans had prevailed thanks to technology; that is until the Enchanted came back after World War I. Now mankind lives in peace together with them thanks to an international organization called the Avalon Agency, but the problems seem to not be over yet...
This said, I also like other genres, and I am no stranger to erotica and kinky stuff XD in fact I do submit NSFW stories sometimes if you're interested... additionally, I love RPs (especially the kinky ones XD)!


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It's been so long and it's already my birthday! XD

on 10 November 2018 at 10:24:51 MST

I haven't been posting in a while (and I'm still being very busy) so... updates! XD

First things first... today is my birthday, yay! I just turned 24, I'm getting older and older ;P
Second: since I'm already getting nice gifts, I thought to give something back by sharing some of the artworks I got so far, so hopefully I'll submit new stuff soon '^^
Third... I said "hopefully" because I'm still very busy with university... If you didn't know already, I'm studying for a Bachelor in Chemistry and recently an accident just happened in our laboratory... Yep, just as you would imagine, mad science went BOOM! XD
Lots of chemicals were spilled in the explosion and our department remained closed for an entire week for decontamination... which means now everyone is 1 week late on the schedule for lessons and lab projects, hence the reason why I'm being extra busy lately >

That being said, everything else is quite fine, I just can't wait to get more free time for my writing projects!

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    Thank you so much! I hope to continue creating content you enjoy~ ♥

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