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✍️ Writer | ⚗️👨‍🔬 Chemistry Student | Italian | ♂️ ♏

Good day, and thank you very much for taking a look at my page! Here is where I enjoy being part of the furry community and where I also share my works! I mainly focus on writing whenever I can, which means I actually dedicate very little time on it since I'm also a Chemistry University student '^w^
I do try drawing/coloring too sometimes, and play RPs, though I rarely accept starting new ones with new people these days for the above reasons (so please don't take it personally)

Prostapheresys (or sometimes "Prostap" for short) has always been my online name: it started almost as a joke between my friends back when I was still in High School, so it became my gaming name first and later my username on every online account.
It is not my fursona name however: my "true" name is Auran. Who is Auran then?

Who is Auran then?
Au = Aurum (Gold), for my virtues...
Ra = Radium, for my vices...
N = Nitrogen, for my introvert yet sometimes "explosive" personality...

Auran is the off-spring of an Ouroboros, the creature who eats its own tail in a never ending cycle,
a being often associated with Alchemy since it represents the ever-transforming matter all around us,
as well as immortality, the eternal return, and more... Something I can relate to.

But Auran is not alone in this cycle... intertwined in an infinite loop with him, is also his female companion, Agnes...
Ag = Argentum (Silver), for her grace and virtues...
Ne = Neon, for her quiet and serene nature...
S = Sulfur, for the hidden fire she can release if provoked...

Just like Auran, Agnes is an Ouroboros too... sharing similar powers and even some personality traits as well.
Some might think they are brother and sister or relatives, but they are not!
Although they are still very close in a way, more than they like to think as they are endlessly drawn to each other...
a sort of greater truth that unifies time and the universe...

Guardians of Gaea's world lore & complete list of my OCs on:
~~ my ToyHouse page ~~
(🏗️ currently under construction)

Any art of my fursonas or OCs will also be posted on my galleries of course, but if you want to dive deep into their canon lore and background, find anything related to a specific OC of mine that you like, or dive deep into my narrative world of the Guardians of Gaea, then ToyHouse is the place to go!
It's easier for me to manage them over there instead of ret-conning or updating any previous uploads over multiple galleries.


Fur Affinity

Latest Journal

What has the Ouroboros been up to?

It has been a very long time since I posted a proper journal here, and those who watch me have probably noticed my relative silence in here too. So here’s a heavily condensed recap of what I have been up to:

Small achievements – I’ve just surpassed 300 watchers on FurAffinity! Yay! It’s actually a lot I think, since I’m not an active artist posting dozens of furry artworks/stories each month.

Private life – Still struggling to find the will and motivation to finish my university studies, despite being very close to getting my degree in Chemistry. Probably didn’t help the fact that last year both my grandmas passed away, and now my increasingly senile granddad is in constant need for assistance, medical or otherwise, from my mother and family.

Art projects – I have a small backlog of art and stories to publish, so you will soon see new stuff from me ;)
During all this time I was also looking into new and intriguing tabletop RPG systems and started collecting fancy card decks, mostly Tarot! They all gave me plenty inspiration for my various art projects and interests (which are still WIP)

My Toyhouse and available Adopts – My Toyhouse profile is still heavily under construction, mostly because I was either focussing more on making new stuff or doing other things entirely, instead of uploading and updating all my OCs into it >//<
I still plan to do it eventually, if anything to finally put some order on my OC list, sifting it and getting rid of characters I no longer feel connected to. Which brings me to the fact that I still have a few Adopts up for sale/trade, open to negotiate! Click here to check them out!

Retcon notice – While I didn’t update my Toyhouse and OCs much, I have quietly modified with minor changes a few descriptions here and there to reflect my constantly evolving head canon. As such, most of the info previously posted on my other galleries is to be considered no longer reflective of the current canon, and I plan to only keep Toyhouse updated from now on to make things easier on me.
In particular, I no longer plan to finish my (super old) story “The Nokken’s Fiddle” unless I start all over, because too much has changed since I made its first draft. For the curious, the plot originally revolved around a twisted love story between an ordinary human girl, named Sharon, and the notorious creature of the river, the Nokken, who allegedly charms people with the music of his wicked fiddle, luring them into the waters to drown and eat them. The story would have involved mature themes of mind-control and dubious consent among other things, and in the ending, Sharon was supposed to be completely bewitched by the Nokken and be claimed as his spouse, thus turning into a Nokken herself.
However, I’m no longer satisfied with the world I was building around them, and eventually ended up scrapping Sharon’s character completely and selling the female Nokken OC that was supposed to be her new form. Perhaps I was being overly ambitious for what was literally my first story to be published on FA. I’m still quite fond of the male Nokken character though, so he’ll probably become a different OC related with my already existing ones (I’m thinking of a relationship with Glynne, my Glaistig OC, thus making them the parents of Fabian the Capricorn)

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