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Prostapheresys (or sometimes "Prostap" for short) has always been my online name: it started almost as a joke between my friends back when I was still in High School, so it became my gaming name first and later my username on every online account.
It is not my fursona name however: my "true" name is Auran.

Who is Auran then?
Au = Aurum (Gold), for my virtues...
Ra = Radium, for my vices...
N = Nitrogen, for my introvert yet sometimes "explosive" personality...

Auran is the off-spring of an Ouroboros, the creature who eats its own tail in a never ending cycle,
a being often associated with Alchemy since it represents the ever-transforming matter all around us,
as well as immortality, the eternal return, and more... Something I can relate to.

But Auran is not alone in this cycle... intertwined in an infinite loop with him, is also his female companion, Agnes...
Ag = Argentum (Silver), for her grace and virtues...
Ne = Neon, for her quiet and serene nature...
S = Sulfur, for the hidden fire she can release if provoked...

Just like Auran, Agnes is an Ouroboros too... sharing similar powers and even some personality traits as well.
Some might think they are brother and sister or relatives, but they are not!
Although they are still very close in a way, more than they like to think as they are endlessly drawn to each other...
a sort of greater truth that unifies time and the universe...

Good day, and thanks for stumbling on my page! Here is where I enjoy being part of the furry community and where I also share my works! I mainly focus on writing whenever I can, which means I actually dedicate very little time on writing since I'm also a Chemistry University student XD
...additionally, I love RPs, and I don't mind being kinky, eheh... So you might want to give my F-List a look if curious or interested 😜

----> About my OCs:
I love making characters, and lately I made a respectable number of them! XD
Some of them are not as fleshed out as others, but these are the ones I am keeping for myself so far. I might write a collection of short stories for them one day, interconnected by a greater plot that drives the various characters. They exist in an alternate world where magic and all mythological creatures, collectively known as 'the Enchanted', have always existed but the humans had prevailed thanks to technology; that is until the Enchanted came back after World War I. Now mankind lives in peace together with them thanks to an international organization called the Avalon Agency, but the problems seem to not be over yet... which should make their stories all the more interesting, eheh (click on the names or links below to see them!)

Cédric du Coq, Cockatrice ♂ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Denene, Human Lycanthrope
♀ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Eyreen, Fairy [Herm] - background
❌ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Fabian, Capricorn (Nokken + Satyr crossbreed) 
♂ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Glynne, Glaystic (Satyr variant)
♀ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Ippolyta, Centaur 
♀ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Jeliel, Pegasus ♂ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Kraikugree, Merfolk
♂ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Lorena, Lycanthrope (former human) 
♀ - background ❌ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Lym & Myl (aka "Lymmyl"), Gargoyle (Changeling variant) 
♂ - background ❌ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Mirena, Nymph
- background - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Nishta Manara, Naga 
- background ❌ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
???, Nokken - background
❌ - species info ❌ [LINK]
Okikri, Merfolk 
♀ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
???, Seraph [unknown gender] - background ? - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Shivshekar, Naga ♂ - background ❌ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Tat'yana, Human Lycanthrope
♀ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Tzargshaznakk, Half-Demon Dragon
♂ - background ✔️ - species info ✔️ [LINK]
Xian-Uhuru, Qilin 
♀ - background ❌ - species info ✔️ 
Zagrabeth, Deva/Asura 
♀ - background ❌ - species info ✔️ [LINK]


Fur Affinity

Latest Journal

World of Furries is here!

on 2 April 2022 at 13:09:45 MDT

Hello! Sorry if I wasn't very active but I have been busy playing... World of Furries! The new furry-themed browser game!
It all started as a Kickstarter project years ago... but last month it finally released! I've been playing and trying out the game since day 1 and I was not disappointed ^w^

You'll be playing as a fur who just arrived into the "New World", an uncharted continent rich in resources and yet to be colonized! Being a new colonist, you'll complete simple tasks and quests at first by helping the other colonists to maintain the fast-growing local village, only to eventually pick up a career and directly contributing to the community's prosperity!
Currently there are 4 careers (Hunter, Miner, Herbalist, Woodcutter) and most of the game revolves around gathering resources, crafting and trading with the rest of the players, which is made fun and engaging by the fact that each career will often be needing tools or resources made by the other ones! For example, Hunters provide food and leather accessories, but some food recipes will require ingredients that can be gathered only by Herbalists, while some leather accessories will also require metal clasps forged by Miners! And you can't make your own hunting bow without the wood brought by your local Woodcutter, eheh...
However, more things will be implented in future updates! Rumors has it that the "New World" is actually full of hidden magical wonders in its farthest reaches... will you be the first to discover them?

I've posted some screens of the game on my FA:

You can check out the game here --->
...and join the lively official World of Furries' Discord server here:

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