Prostapheresys (or sometimes "Prostap" for short) has always been my online name: it started almost as a joke between my friends back when I was still in High School, so it became my gaming name first and later my username on every online account.
It is not my fursona name however: my "true" name is Auran.

Who is Auran then?
Au = Aurum (Gold), for my virtues...
Ra = Radium, for my vices...
N = Nitrogen, for my introvert yet sometimes "explosive" personality...

Auran is the off-spring of an Ouroboros, the creature who eats its own tail in a never ending cycle,
a being often associated with Alchemy since it represents the ever-transforming matter all around us,
as well as immortality, the eternal return, and more... Something I can relate to.

Good day, and thanks for stumbling on my page! Here is where I enjoy being part of the furry community and where I also share my works! I mainly focus on writing, especially fantasy, but only as a free-time hobby :P
At the moment my number one project is developing a modern fantasy collection of short stories, interconnected by a greater plot that drives the various characters. They all come under the title "The Avalon Archives" (finally decided a proper name for them XD), and they are set in an alternate world where magic and all mythological creatures, collectively known as 'the Enchanted', have always existed but the humans had prevailed thanks to technology; that is until the Enchanted came back after World War I. Now mankind lives in peace together with them thanks to an international organization called the Avalon Agency, but the problems seem to not be over yet...
This said, I also like other genres, and I am no stranger to erotica and kinky stuff XD in fact I do submit NSFW stories sometimes if you're interested...


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New PC + Telegram!

on 20 May 2018 at 09:14:30 MDT

ENGLISH:</bHi everyone!
It finally happened: I've got a new pc! This allows me to get back to studying and doing other serious works, as well as better getting in contact with you, the furry community! ^^
(seriously, I did try in these days to keep going with just my smartphone and while it was still better than nothing, it was awful XD)
On a side-note, not having a pc actually made a change in me happen: until now I never had the courage to approach any of the other members of the community directly, despite really wishing to get to know more furs... but in a moment of not knowing what to do, I started getting in touch with some of them through Telegram! It has been a positive and liberatory experience so far, and thus I decided to leave my Telegram link on my profile page for anyone who wouldn't mind chatting with me, hoping to meet more amazing people this way! ^

ITALIANO:</bCiao a tutti!
Finalmente mi è arrivato il nuovo pc! Adesso posso tornare a studiare e lavorare più seriamente, ma anche rimanere meglio in contatto con voi furry! ^^
(no davvero, ho provato ad andare avanti con lo smartphone in mancanza d'alternative ma era davvero pessimo XD)
Inoltre quest'esperienza credo sia stata artefice di un cambiamento in me: finora non avevo mai avuto il coraggio di contattare in maniera diretta gli altri membri della community, per quanto non dispiacesse conoscere altri furry... ma in un momento di "disperazione", ho iniziato a chattare su Telegram con nuove persone! Finora è stata un'esperienza davvero positiva e liberatoria, quindi ho deciso di lasciare il link al mio Telegram sulla mia pagina del profilo per chiunque avesse voglia di chattare con me, sperando così di conoscere altre fantastiche persone! ^

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    Thank you so much! I hope to continue creating content you enjoy~ ♥

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    thank you so much for the fave. you have made a tiny kobold very happy

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    Thanks for the fave! It's much appreciated :)

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    Thank you so very much for the favorite! I really appreciate having my work not go unnoticed and do hope you got as much satisfaction out of it that I had in drawing it! I hope you have a wonderful evening (or day)!

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    thank you for the watch