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Lasagna Thoughts v11: Uncomfortable Truth

on 13 August 2018 at 17:56:58 MDT

Sorry for the late entry. Last night got a bit hectic and ended up showering and going to sleep.

In short, my job hunt is still going. I keep looking everywhere online for some opportunity but so far nothing has come up for me. Either I need "experience" in similar jobs, or I need to be graduated from college, or I need to be a girl, or I just don't like the job at all. I... don't know how Vincent got one so quickly. It's like we live in different continents or something. By the way, I actually never approached the minimart. Perhaps something about shaming myself for steeping so low in the list or my mom forcing me to go somewhere else. Maybe both.

Yesterday was the slap in the face I needed, though. I was out going to the mall, by myself, just to go play this dancing game. Oddly enough I may not do well in social situations but I observe that when I'm actually having fun I actually have no trouble talking to other people. Anyway, I met this guy, he seemed cute enough but a somewhat exaggerated dancer. He was nice. We talked in between songs, stuff about how long I've been dancing or if I'm part of any community or if I have any consoles to play that dancing game on. (About a year now, not exactly , and no home consoles at all so I can only play the free mobile variant which honestly speaking isn't that good, but it's something.)

Then, out of the blue, he just asked me if I had a job or studied. I did study in college, I mean, we're still "College Heroes", right? (...I just hope he didn't recgonize me from that.) He kept asking if I had some sort of job, and I just told him I was looking and spending most of my time studying anyway. Told me it would be ideal for some job as a waiter since that almost always require no experience. The risk of letting the platter fall over, though...

We didn't talk much about that after this until before he left, where he pulled me aside for a moment while we let other people have their time dancing. He asked me why I didn't have a job yet and all I could really tell him was that it is very hard for me for whatever reason, and besides, for someone like me studying is really the only thing on my mind usually. I missed most of his reply but one thing stuck out to me.

"...I dunno. You seem like the lazy type."

Nothing produced more chills than that sentence alone. And, well, sadly yes. I know I say stuff like 'It's too difficult for me' or 'Why can't you just hire boys???' but the truth is that I sometimes laze around my dorm, doing nothing for even hours at a time. Sometimes I stare vacantly outside, other times I'm just in bed, browsing social media on my phone because I'm too tired all the time to go to the computer, and when I am on the computer the most I do now is watch videos. I used to play this rhythm game, which I still do ocassionally, just... not as much. Like everything else I've put off. Because it's just not that interesting anymore.

That's perhaps why it seems like it's such a hard time trying to look for employment. I do want something new, I just don't wanna put the effort, even the most minimalistic of it, into making that something appear. The console I have my eyes on, with at least minimum pay, can be mine in as little as four months if I decide to put every last cent towards it, but... it's just so much time, why even bother? Once we get out of this place perhaps I'll find something to work on with all the time I'll have. But then, that, too seems too far away, so I may as well just start now... ugh.

I felt pretty sick after that that I eventually bailed earlier than I wanted to. Got stuck in traffic as a result. At least I could come home to Vincent.

I spent the rest of the night pondering that phrase, even getting angry over it. It got to the point where I needed to sneak out to a safe place just to let that anger out. Thank the gods for David's cheap wormholes.

By the time I'm writing this it's probably gonna be midnight. I'm thankfully calmed enough to not suddenly change moods but just thinking about it cause me ire.

...the minimart looks like a grand option now.

Too lazy to work for myself...?
Don't you say that! It's not like that!
So mad! I must control myself...

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