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Hello. It's me, The Fire Tiger, but more importantly, it's us, The Ayllu.

We're a (new and still developing) four part plural system. Our host (the one writing this) is autistic and an incredibly infrequent writer. They have mostly abandoned this site while they were still creatively low, but now he's back and with creative juices flowing again.

Our system consists of:
🐯Tiger, the main host,
♟️Lima Seven, a raven drone from The Ravenmaster,
🦅Hakan Kunturi, an Andean Condor,
🤽Tienno, a dragon-otter hybrid, and
🧫Karyll, a symbiote-like chrome western dragon.

Despite all of us helping out, Tiger is the one that manages the account and always speaks, unless otherwise stated. Tiger is also the one writing all the stories you see here, with some help from Tienno.

All content on this page should be considered as adult/mature. Therefore, you must be over 18 years old to see this page/contact us.

No requests or commissions are being accepted at this time. If you'd like to know more about me, or any one of us, don't be afraid to send a PM!

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Latest Journal

Important Update to the Important Update

Well that didn't take long.

Here's the thing: I was going to do a 12 hour shift, but it was then that I very quickly realized the zone around the job site was not safe at all for the time I was getting out at. I would have to leave the area at seven at night, and it was not only eerily quiet but also dark enough for suspicious figures to lurk around without a care in the world. The immediate next day I went to my supervisor to ask about at least getting that shift down to 10 hours so I could leave work while the sun was still up, and while there weren't any 10 hour openings currently, he did thankfully slot me into an 8 hour shift for August, covering for another worker who was apparently going on vacation. Thus, this is how we end up to today, where I'm going to begin that shift tomorrow and hope that I can snag a 10 hour shift at some point.

So what does this mean for August? Well, I've decided to continue with my hiatus regardless of the new time I've gotten, as I think it should help me concentrate on the first month of work. I'm going to be using most of the money I earn to finally fix mom's seemingly eternal financial instability, and then I'll get her the laptop which should then open up even more time for me to write. As stated before, the monthly Experiment might still happen regardless of this break, but no promises.

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    Thanks for the watch ^w^. If I may ask, what inspired you to watch me?

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      You're welcome! I was actually curious about your art after the one I faved, and I was fond of the renders made there. What program do you use for it?

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        I use Blender ^w^

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    Thank you for the watch!

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    Thanks for the fave and the follow! C:

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    Thankies for the watch. You're from FA right, saw you favorte my work a couple of times. Appreciated. :)

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    Hello, The Fire Tiger ^w^!!

    Thank you so much for the follow :3!!! <3