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Video game musician, who has worked on Indie games including Freedom Planet , Freedom Planet 2, Hitogata Happa , Bunny Must Die , Archives of Wyndia , Leilani's Island and Miasma Caves

I'm also a writer working on a series of novels (with a soundtrack) called Elancia Chronicles. It's something I've been working on for entirely too long, and hope to someday finish. A draft of the first book is in my gallery. Other than that, you'll find a whole bunch'a music!

Anyway, thanks for checking out my page!

Bandcamp + SoundCloud

Although almost everything I create gets cross-posted to Weasyl, when I work on a game soundtrack (such as the ones listed above) I often will not post it here in its entirety.
Please support my work and consider buying an album from me on Bandcamp! Thank you so much for enjoying my music!!

Soundcloud -LINK-

BandCamp -LINK-



Latest Journal

Life on the road

Hey, ya'll. Just a quick update. Right now, we're in the process of a cross-country move, and there's been a lot of compications and a family emergency and a lot of other stuff thrown in the mix. Currently, I'm living in a hotel. Next week it'll be a guest room provided to us by a very gracious host -- that's where i'm probably going to be for the remainder of the year.

As it stands right now, I'm not going to be able to do too much or communicate too often until this all gets sorted out, and we're not living in hotels. I'll be sure to let everyone know when I'm settled in n' safe again, but until then, I apologize for messages being slow/late!

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      Hey, you! It's been ages! :D How are you?

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        we liiiiiive!!!! omg haiiiii!!!! so yeah I'm good! drawing again as you've noticed. finally. how are YOU?!

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          Yes!!! I was glad to see you back to creating once more! I've been doing... interestingly, I guess. Do you have Discord or telegram? We can catch up there! There's a lot that's gone on!

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            i has a discord! Devilkat #0442 yes i sawll all the things on your twitter. i poked around a bit lol

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              Eee! Yay! :D I added you so we can catch up! :D

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    Still alive?

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      Still kickin'! Weasyl wasn't going too well for me, so I ended up just sticking to soundcloud. :( I wasn't sure if anyone was still wanting me to post 'round here.