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Did Ya Miss Me? Welcome Megaplex Goers!

on 7 August 2017 at 17:22:37 MDT

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I have safely returned back home. The furries at Megaplex have not captured me just yet and so I'm back again to get back to work producing content for all of you to enjoy!

Speaking of the furries at Megaplex and content for you all; welcome new watchers! To everyone new joining on my page from the convention I bid you welcome and hope you'll enjoy my gallery! I look forward to seeing all of you again at Megaplex 2018!

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Flat Color
$ 30.00
Shaded Color
$ 40.00
$ 20.00
add  Complex Pose/POV
$ 10.00
add  Detailed Characters
$ 10.00
add  NSFW
$ 10.00


3Dimensional Art
$ 60.00
add  Accessory
$ 5.00
add  Detailed Characters
$ 10.00
add  Extra Outfit
$ 10.00
add  Extra Pose
$ 10.00
add  NSFW
$ 10.00

Telegram Sticker Pack

05 Pack
$ 35.00
10 Pack
$ 60.00
20 Pack
$ 100.00
add  Detailed Characters
$ 10.00
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$ 10.00

I will create your character in stunning 3D or draw them in stellar 2D and present them in a beautiful final image.


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    I think your fursona is a very cute, tender looking guy and I generally enjoy the furry work you post. The gay stuff especially. Your blender work with anime characters isn't bad either, but tbh really isn't what I'm after personally. I think I'd like your blender stuff more if more of it was furry male stuff.

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      I'm working on including more furries in my 3D stuff. Like the new canine I'm working on.

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    Blender is amazing I really need to give it a try

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    All your stuff is really nice, man! And Miku, Miku certainly made the watch decision easy.

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    All your stuff is great for inspiring me to try to draw cute drawings :3

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    Your model work is super cute and smooth, I like the style a lot! Keep up the awesome work!~

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    You're welcome!
    I seen vocaloid and the 3D models you are using looks so cool ;v;

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      I'm not "using" them, I made them.