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Computer? Computer!

on 27 April 2017 at 14:40:49 MDT

Oh yeah. I just noticed something, I forget to tell you all something important!!!

Okay so some of you may have noticed I recently started posting up more often like I used to. That's because I was able to finally replace my computer! I however am an idiot and only just remembered to actually let you guys know.

The fundraiser didn't get anywhere close to the amount I needed but I already knew that would happen, even so the amount that was donated for sure helped make it more easier on my bank. What I wasn't able to raise in the fundraiser I covered with my bank; which still hates me to this day; especially considering I ended up with a computer that was about $200 more than I originally thought I'd be paying.

But whatever, at least I'm able to once again make fabulous art for all of you lovely people!

I'm hoping to open another fundraiser to help me save up for a new tablet (that's been broken for who knows how long if the severe lack of 2D art wasn't a hint). Since it's not as much of a necessity that means it'll be much more calm and can go on for a longer time. I'll post an image with a link at some point so keep an eye out for it and consider donating if you want to see me get back to 2D art

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I will create your character in stunning 3D and present them in a beautiful final image. The price starts at $40 and depending on the complexity of your character it will either increase or stay at base price. If I like your character enough though I may even go cheaper.


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    I think your fursona is a very cute, tender looking guy and I generally enjoy the furry work you post. The gay stuff especially. Your blender work with anime characters isn't bad either, but tbh really isn't what I'm after personally. I think I'd like your blender stuff more if more of it was furry male stuff.

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      I'm working on including more furries in my 3D stuff. Like the new canine I'm working on.

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    Blender is amazing I really need to give it a try

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    All your stuff is really nice, man! And Miku, Miku certainly made the watch decision easy.

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    All your stuff is great for inspiring me to try to draw cute drawings :3

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    Your model work is super cute and smooth, I like the style a lot! Keep up the awesome work!~

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    You're welcome!
    I seen vocaloid and the 3D models you are using looks so cool ;v;

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      I'm not "using" them, I made them.