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Welcome to the official page of Grandvision Studio.

I am a painter of the musical and written art forms. Anything from soothing easy listening to full blown orchestral soundtracks. Music filled with exquisite world and character detail. Of beasts and sorcery, conflict and supremacy. I am a dreamer of impossible feats, of lands unknown and worlds unexplored.

My Bandcamp

You are free to share and remix any of my creative work, but are not allowed to commercialize them. Remixes are required to be released under the same license which can be found here:
Basic Creative Commons License
Full Creative Commons License

Genres: 21st Century Classical, Easy Listening, Ambient and Experimental.

Musician since 06/28/2008

Software: FL STUDIO 12 Producer Edition

VSTS: East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Edition, Stormdrum, East West Symphonic Choirs, Colossus, Ra, Percussive Adventures 2 and Truepianos.

Hardware: M-Audio Axiom 61 Controller Keyboard

Youtube: GrandvisionStudio Grandvision

Facebook: Grandvision Studio

Twitter: ExodusArias

Email: [General talk & commissions]

Latest Journal

Dragon Gets Twitch Affiliate. Come Watch me do VFX, Animation and Gaming Streams

Sorry for the lack of updates on this profile. I have been focusing myself on finding a job after the Corona crisis in the UK.

I have also been working as a Freelance Artist on and off and been slowly streaming on Twitch. After a few weeks of constant streaming I've finally reached Twitch Affiliate which means you can finally support me and my work by subscribing.

I stream a variety of games, from Fantasy, Strategy to Indie games. I also do video editing, VFX and Animation streams from time to time so if you'd like to join my adventures in my Dragon Den please consider checking out my channel over here -

Maybe we can both learn off one another in terms of creative design. I love talking to my viewers and friends!

And don't forget to chuck me a follow. I will be live streaming today from 4pm. Doing a Celebratory Stream where my viewers will decide what game I play.

You can vote on the poll here -

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    it sounded like you were literally going back in time^^