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My Musical Progression in 2014 & The Notion of Selling My Music.

I've always had a strange notion of trying to sell music I compose, whether on Bandcamp or anywhere else. I remember setting up a bandcamp page which had a single up, specifically this one - https://grandvision.bandcamp.com/ Which I've recently released again in high quality format. I've never real…

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A Ship to the North is now available on Bandcamp for £1!

Hello you fine people, I've recently released my older track entitled "A Ship to the North" on Bandcamp, which is available for free! The track is available in high quality MP3, FLAC and a plethora of other formats, over at - https://grandvision.bandcamp.com/ Includes a fancy album cover I've desig…

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Raising the bar for music in 2015 & Latest WIPs Inside!

I am alive! My 2014 year in music wasn't the most spectacular as you could probably guess if you followed me closely in the past 2 years, but I have been trying to improve my craft and generally compose unique pieces if I could. I mostly had to stop due to finding a new way to export music without…

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Helloe Weasyl Inhabitants. Musician & Writer here :)

Hello World. :) I am just another avid creator of a vast majority of content, including but not limited to orchestral music, novels and short stories. I hope you enjoy my content, even if some of it traces its root back to 2009 or so. I began my journey into the art of creation back in the early da…