Naruto - I've Seen Too Much Tribute by Grandvision

Naruto - I've Seen Too Much Tribute

Naruto - I've Seen Too Much Tribute


15 May 2017 at 15:36:11 MDT

This is it. This is my Magnum Opus. I present to you my tribute to "I've See Too Much" composed with my own flair and style.

P.S: There's going to be a live orchestrated version of this track in a couple of weeks. I am collaborating with a Cellist, Violinist and Vocalist to bring this piece to it's full glory.

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"What is this place?
Where the innocent die,
I'll build a world, Rin."
"A world with you in it...."

This took over four days to compose, 3-9 hours a day, from inception to full composition. While working on this track I have cried at least four times while listening to it. That is how much this soundtrack affected me. I hope it does the same to you, or at least brings some form of emotional impact as it did to me.

There are over 15 instruments in this composition, each played with their own dynamics, velocity and articulation changes. Each note was meticulously placed with a thought in mind. Representing the very foundations of love and sacrifice, and how love is a double edged sword, when we experience loss, we experience change, often the change is so sporadic and wild that we have no control over our selves, the rage within builds up into a flurry of emotions. An uncontrollable vortex of anger and frustration, that is released on impact, then we feel sorrow and regret, for all good things must come to an end.

Shevannai - The Voices of the Elves
Angelic Harp
Symphonic Choir - Ohs, Ahs & Mms
Cello Lyr Fast
Solo Violin played in Legato Vibrato and other playstyles.
Double Bass
Santoor played in various styles
Erhu played in various styles
28 Inch Gong
Koto Played in various styles
Acoustic Guitar
Bass Drum Wagner

As always please tell me what you think and what you imagined and felt while listening to this track. I read and reply to every comment. Thank you and enjoy!

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Original composition by Grandvision
Composed in FL Studio 12 Producer Edition

Released by Grandvision Studio under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license ( )