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Better Day - Thursday Prompt Story [#13, 30/3/23] by The Fire Tiger

Better Day - Thursday Prompt Story [#13, 30/3/23]

There's nothing that makes me feel more isolated than seeing other people talk amongst themselves or in a group. I just never know what to say or do, but even then I still wish I could have friends. It doesn't feel like there's much I can do, being a constantly on the move computer programmer and all.

However, when I arrived today at work, I came to my office desk to find an envelope stuck to the side with tape. It was strange, no one's ever left me something like this. I almost wanted to open it right then and there, but I had to restrict myself as I came in a bit late today and needed to make up for lost time. So, I put the envelope aside and got to work.

There was stuff that needed to be done, sure, but all throughout I kept thinking of that envelope. A laptop battery needed replacing... what sort of letter did I get...? Graphics card was incorrectly installed... is there anything important today... a very inconspicuous "homework" folder that I've been instructed not to touch while cleaning the computer... Maybe they just want to hang out...

Hours had passed by with me diligently working on my stuff that I barely noticed it was time for lunch. I idly got up and did a little stretch, observing around me to find that only one or two people were in their desks. I then thought about just staying here instead since I wasn't particularly excited to go to the cafeteria. The computer I was about to work on had a simple fix anyway.

I took out a large sandwich that I had bought this morning from my lunchbox and gulped up a few sips of my water canister while I pushed in the USB containing the virtual tool I needed to fix the computer. After some time and a few mouse clicks later, I let the tool do its thing.

...and I eventually remembered that I had an envelope waiting for me. I looked to my side again and found that the letter encased in red foil was still there. Glad I wasn't making it up. I took a big bite of my sandwich and eventually held the envelope with two hands, using one claw to at long last rip the seal off of this thing. So... what sort of letter did I get, anyway? I thought, removing the letter carefully and opening it up...

"Come hang out with us after work! Don't bring anything along with you, here's the place!" A large map of the bar I was supposed to go followed... That was it, then?

Beep beep. The computer gave me no time to wander about, as it had suddenly encountered an error and required me to debug something. Still, I felt rather warm inside. I didn't know people here actually thought of me as a friend... After I was done with work today, I was, oddly enough, excited to find out what this was about.

After work I very quickly walked back home to throw on some cologne and a spare dress shirt on. If I was gonna show up to this thing I may as well be somewhat dressed for the occasion. But the idea of all this ate away in the back of my head. What if this wasn't some sort of positive? I've never been invited to any of these events but the fact that it was sent to me in a red envelope just didn't sit right with me. Not only that, the bar was a little too far off where I'd like, and looking it up while I was on my way here didn't paint the prettiest picture of the place.

After crossing into a sketchy street, I had arrived at the place I was supposed to be, sunset just beginning to wash its orange hue across the world. Once I got to the entrance and was let in by security, I was immediately greeted to the sight of all my coworkers, the frontmost holding a large cake of sorts, with the place practically all to ourselves. With one loud yell, all in unison, they shouted at me:

"Happy birthday!!"

...I had forgotten my own birthday? Wow. I didn't even realize it was today, and I'm supposed to know that.

"We wanted to at least surprise you," one of the coworkers in the back continued, "because you do a lot for us as is!"

"Do you like it?" Yet another asked, somewhat shifting around in her spot. "I know it's not the best but we didn't really know what you liked. For how much you think about us, it's weird how there's very little we could do back."

I didn't really know how to respond. Had I known about my own birthday I would be lamenting over how no one in my family even bothered to call me. I didn't even have time to check the two or three stray chat messages that appeared on my phone, possibly also wishing me a happy birthday... This is quite literally, in my eyes, the biggest and most nicest thing anyone's done for me.

All I could do in that moment was just hold back any tears and shakily voice back my opinions. "Thank you, everyone..."

Better Day - Thursday Prompt Story [#13, 30/3/23]

The Fire Tiger

Greetings, currently speaking is designation Lima Seven, a raven drone alter of the host, The Fire Tiger. The human went on a depressive spiral yesterday, leaving this one to the front. This one has uploaded a "new" story on his behalf, explained better below.

"Don't forget..."
"I'm with you in the dark..."

Thursday Prompt Story: This week's prompt is... debug

Yesterday, the Human ended up succumbing to a deep depression in which he couldn't do much except vent out his frustration in writing. As he hadn't done this story yet, he took the opportunity to write an emotionally charged response to the prompt and would upload it today. However, instead of him waking up, L7 did, and reading this response was... concerning at best. So, it was up to this one to write a new response, taking the premise of the first draft and spinning it around to a positive.

The Human's body still feels the overbearing sting of yesterday's mental assault, so as a result, this one couldn't perform this task to the degree it had hoped for, but regardless, L7 gave it its best.

-Lima Seven

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