Pronouns: they/them

I usually appear as Sludger, an anthropomorphic badger-nudibranch-taur. I like to roleplay with friends and write, though lately I've been looking for my muse. I have a collection of drafts I hope to publish here some day.

I prefer an inclusive approach to including kink and queerness alike; no thought or sense of being is so wrong that you shouldn't explore it. I trust you are kind to living, feeling things, otherwise.

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Musings on Motivation

on 20 December 2019 at 16:39:30 MST

It's very difficult to sustain a creative process during times of difficulty. Financial security is a challenge when you're scraping your way up from the bottom, and a lot of my time is spent recuperating from the stress of life and work. So, I'm not taking the time to make the things I want to make. With executive function in the mix, it can feel impossible to start even when I have made time to be productive.

I'm not sure where to move from here, whole years pass by without much personal work getting done, and my skill and workflow is nowhere near the point where I could market it to the fandom.

That aside, my transition is coming along very well, and that has improved my mood quite a bit. I'm still looking for good work and want to take my career a little further than menial labor, but once finances and housing simplify, I think I'll be able to take art by the reins again.

Those are my thoughts.

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    You have good taste in weird stuff. <3

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      Thank you, thank you, I mostly curate my wierdness on Twitter but filter-feeding here has been good.

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        If you ever end up branching out or moving over to mastodon, I'd like to know. I'm intentionally not on twitter due to it being, well, twitter. But you seem like a neat person!