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February-March Updates On Everything

on 27 February 2017 at 07:03:42 MST

Hey, it's been a while since I last wrote a journal. Time for more updates with what's going on.

So first of all, I just finished the 11-week training for work on Friday last week, where we presented the final project. Finally, that hellstorm is over, and yet it's all just beginning. I also had an interview with Capital One last Tuesday, and got accepted. So I'm waiting on more information, mainly regarding the start date and such, but I know I'll have to head to Richmond for this. I'll still be working FOR Revature, just AT Capital One, where I'd then start earning the real salary of $24.04/hr.

As for things on the commission front, I'd probably wait just a tad longer before accepting any, since I'm not sure when I'd be required to move, since the start date is pending, and I'd not want anything to get lost in translation. I should probably update my commission sheet once more, since I made a new PayPal that can be used as an alternative (or Primary for non-USA people) payment method.

On the gamedev front, things have been slow, since I haven't had much time, but I do want to get back into it once things get settled and I know exactly where I'll be and when I'll be moving. Maybe work on something small as to not rust before then? We shall see.

That's about all for now, as usual I'll post any further important updates when the time comes.

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