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My Original Characters
Fane the Fox
[with Casper the Elyllie and Jinx the Prismix]
Kayle the Cat
Armando Armadillo
[with Andy the Medium Guppy]
Rocky the Raccoon
[with Jib the Fuzzlite]
Amethyst Rabbit
Prismatic Pinata
[with Marshmallow the Seal]
Charlie the Human
Walter the Slime Axehandle Hound
Merc Otter
[with Cosmos the Staryu]
Snowflake the Summer Fox
Solarflare the Half-Genie Cat
[with Tomby the Ghost]
Blossom the Fox
Proto the Cat
Jasmine the Raccoon
Amber the Noko
Snorkel the Swimmer Fox
Sid the Squirrel
Sherry the Squirrel
Zara Marbley
Arnold the Bear
Stealth the Raccoon
Sunny the Yellow Creature
Frost the Space Fox
Skyflare the Gemimal(Bunny)
Bluey the Blueberry Cat
Jerry the Fruitling
Alonzo O'Possum
Phaz the Blue Creature
Beryl the Aqua Bat
Terry the Green Bat
Plasma the Ghost Dog
?????? the Anthro Cat
Jingle the Xmas Cat
Azura the Water Fox Elemental
Snooty Fox
Basic (Paper Guy)

My Fan Characters
Brian the Bori
[with Lyle the Faellie]
Loony Dynatoon
Clay the Dinosaur
Royal-blue Tentacle
Topaz the Nimbat
Goo the Pina Colada Turned Slime
Skylight the Light Blue Yoshi
Tam the Pink Yoshi
Finn the Fennekin
Happy the Popplio

My Villain Characters
Rook the Strong Magic User
Caddock Coyote
Shadow Stranger
Shadow Monsters (Shadow Master, Nondescript Shadow and Shadow Priest)
Deimos the Black Devil Martini
Actora (Soul Reaper)

My Character Birthdays
Fane's Birthday is November 15th (2009)
Kayle's Birthday is August 19th (2014)
Armando's Birthday is November 16th (2014)
Rune's Birthday is August 30th (2016)
Prismatic's Birthday is February 24th (2013)
Walter's Birthday is October 17th (2016)
Merc's Birthday is April 20 (2017)
Snowflake's Birthday is December 1st (2015)
Solarflare's Birthday is June 15th (2015)
Casper's Birthday is September 15th (2016)
Andy's Birthday is May 28th (2017)
Jib's Birthday is September 14th (2016)
Cosmos's Birthday is April 22 (2017)
Tomby's Birthday is October 30th (2014)
Frost's Birthday is November 30th (2015)
Skyflare's Birthday is November 3rd (2015)
Amber's Birthday is December 3rd (2016)
H.S.D.'s Birthday is December 1st (2015)
Basic's Birthday is September 8th (2015)

Loony Dynatoon's Birthday is February 27th (2015)
Royalblue Tentacle's Birthday is April 18 (2017)

To-Do List

[Game Challenges]
Jazz Jackrabbit = Episode Completed: 0/11
Ori and the Blind Forest = 0% + 0% + Achievements: 2/50 + Achievements: 0/57
Fitz the Fox = Lands: 6/8 + Bosses Slain: 1/3 + Lands+: 0/8 + Bosses+ Slain: 0/3 + Achievements: 5/7
Bubsy Two-Fur = Game 1 Score: 612561 + Game 2 Score: 0/500000
Rayman® Forever = Level Completed: 0/124
Mega Man 7 = Weapons: 0/8 + Super Adaptor: 0/4 + Mega Bolt Found: Nope + Beat Rescued: Nope + ProtoShield: Nope
Mega Man X = Weapons: 0/8 + Hearts: 0/8 + Sub Tanks: 0/4 + Armor Upgrades: 0/4
Mega Man X2 = Weapons: 0/8 + Hearts: 0/8 + Sub Tanks: 0/4 + Armor Upgrades: 0/4 + Zero Parts: 0/3
Mega Man X3 = Weapons: 0/8 + Hearts: 0/8 + Sub Tanks: 0/4 + Ride Armors: 0/4 + Armor Upgrades: 0/4 + Special Bosses Killed: 0/3 + Enhancement: None
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut = 0% + Achievements: 0/26
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Hardcore) = 0% + 0% + 0% + Achievements: 0/42
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith = Mission Completed: 6/14 + Force Powers: 9 + Force Stars: 21 + New Force Powers: 3 + New Force Stars: 3
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast = ??????
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy = ??????
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed = ??????
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II = ??????
Quake II: Ground Zero (Hard+) = Kills: ?/? + Goals: ?/? + Secrets: ?/?
Metroid Prime = Normal: 0% + Veteran: 0% + Hypermode: 0%
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes = Normal: 0% + Veteran: 0% + Hypermode: 0%
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption = Normal: 0% + Veteran: 0% + Hypermode: 0%
Descent (Insane) = Level Completed: 21/30 + Hostage Rescued: 88/???
Descent 2 (Insane) = Level Completed: 0/30 + Hostage Rescued: 0/???
Descent 3 (Insane) = Level Completed: 0/15 + Secret: 0/??
Portal 2 = Chapters: 10/10 + Test Chambers: 63/63 + Hard Chapters: ?/? + Hard Test Chambers: ??/?? + Achievements: 29/51
Portal Stories: Mel = Chambers: 0/22 + Achievements: 0/28

Mysterious Mel (RPG Maker 95)
Felix Fox C64 Demake (C64)
Felix Fox (GameMaker: Studio)
Felix Adventure (AGI)
Felix Adventure Remake (Adventure Game Studio)
Felix Fox 2: Hyper Fox DOS Demake (RSD Game-Maker)
Felix Fox 2: Hyper Fox (GameMaker: Studio)
Felix Adventure 2 (Adventure Game Studio)
Eye of the Illusion Deluxe Plus (GameMaker 8)
Eye of the Illusion 2 (GameMaker: Studio or Clickteam Fusion 2.5/3)
Hyper Fox World (RPG Maker 2000)
Hyper Fox World 1.5: Meteors (RPG Maker 2003)
Hyper Fox World 1.75: Castle of the Darkness (RPG Maker VX)
Hyper Fox World 2 (RPG Maker VX Ace)
Hyper Fox Mission Pack
:star: Hyper Fox World: Great Sorcery = Finished :star:
Hyper Fox World 3 (RPG Maker MV)
Hyper Fox 2 (GameMaker Studio or Unity)
Felix Adventure 3 (Adventure Game Studio)
SolarFlare Adventure (Clickteam Fusion 2.5)
Hyper Fox 3D (Unity or Unreal Engine 4)
Hyper Fox Legend (Unreal Engine 4)
Mileway Magic
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 97: Haunted Castle (Adventure Game Studio)

[Special Items]
Assault Cannon (Unlocked)
Blue Hypzon Beam (Locked) (0/1)
Yellow Hypzon Beam (Locked) (Unlocked)
Green Hypzon Beam (Locked) (Unlocked) (Unlocked)
Red Hypzon Beam (Locked) (Unlocked) (Unlocked) (Locked) (0/3)
Purple Hypzon Beam (Locked) (Unlocked) (Unlocked) (Locked) (Locked) (0/9)
Improved Golden Pickaxe (Locked)
Trap (Locked) (0/2)
HoverBoard (Unlocked)
Dual-Fire (Locked) (0/2)
Golden Mask (Unlocked)
Protector's Golden Mask (Unlocked)
Mask of Skull Spider (Unlocked)
Mask of Creation (Unlocked)
Mask of Control (Unlocked)
Mask of Ultimate Power (Unlocked)

[Special Drawings]
Rayman (Update) (0/3)
Bubsy Twins (1/2)
Fane and Snorkel as Limbless
Fane in Oggy Style
Fane Wilde
Fane sky diving (No Background) for comedyestudios

Taiguar the Jaguar for Taijey
Roxxie and Reggie for TheOriginalSkunky
Dean and Clark high-five for Alexanderoony
Dosey Doe Dog for EeyorbStudios
Sean and Shauna the Squirrel for JCThornton
Patrick Miles for Riseaddy-Replay
Chico and Pinky for SkunkyTastic
Tommy, Harry, Bob and Debbie for StephenRStorti91
?????? for Jamesf5
Rupert as a Genie for RupertBlueFox

Emy Monkey for Aso-Designer

Ann and Paddy with their heads detached at the beach for PaddyTheRabbit
Raven for ShadowSlyIX
Pixel Jade for Treedan
Pixel ?????? for ??????
Pixel ?????? for ??????

Hypzon Warrior Nadiya for OrangeBallTheRBFan.
Kuma for Shattered-Jello
Bruce for Africa2000
Rodney Raccoon for Cartcoon
Paws for Cartcoon
Blossom and Bella or Dino and Bella holding a gift for tellywebtoons
Hyper and Dino for tellywebtoons
Blossom and Bella for tellywebtoons
Snorkel and Boppo for JoeyWaggoner
Danny and Lily holding the gift for CherryFungi
Charles has been turned into a Dog for :devCherryFungi>
Hyper and Danny for CherryFungi
Blossom and Lily for CherryFungi
Snorkel in love with Clara CherryFungi
Snorkel meet Clara in her swimgear CherryFungi
Xtianz in Makatoon Style for Xtianzthewolf
Jack for Jurassiczalar
Hyper and Jack for Jurassiczalar
Conroy Cat and Doggy for Doodley
Huk for Hukley
Casper and Snowflake the Summer Fox comforting Tom for Jeremy-the-Blockhead

Hyper and Snorkel riding a longneck dinosaur for :devjwthamajestic:'s Jurassic Times Summer Art Jam
Iroho and Angela
Click and Rioette
Blossom and Riolu
Loopy and Fang

[M.A.T. Squad Founders' Powers]
Kayle's Power: Speedrun
Armando's Power: Weapon-Based Combat
Rocky's Power: Double Cast
Amethyst's Power: ?????

[M.A.T. Squad Co-Founders' Powers]
Prismatic's Power: ?????
Walter's Power: ?????
Merc's Power: ?????
Solarflare's Power: Telekinesis

[M.A.T. Squad Scout' Powers]
Basic's Power: Summoning

[Adventurer Gift]
Rich in Adventure Gear for DragonRichard
Taffy in Adventure Gear for PennylessHobo
Zingo in Adventure Gear for JoeyWaggoner

Drinking True Eternal Goblet Gift
Fane drink Eternal Goblet
Rich drink Eternal Goblet for DragonRichard
Taffy drink Eternal Goblet for PennylessHobo
Zingo drink Eternal Goblet for JoeyWaggoner

[Spriteset & Facesets]
Kayle the Cat Sprite and Faceset for RPG Maker MV
Armando Armadillo Sprite and Faceset for RPG Maker MV
Snorkel the Swimmer Fox Sprite and Faceset for RPG Maker MV
Frost the Space Fox Sprite and Faceset for RPG Maker MV
Snowflake the Summer Fox Sprite and Faceset for RPG Maker MV
Furrball Sprite and Faceset for RPG Maker VX Ace/MV
Charlie Beagle Sprite and Faceset for RPG Maker VX Ace/MV

[Special Thanks to:]
Yoyo Games
Shaun Spalding (
HeartBeast (
ZackBellGames + Many others
Smoking Pencil
Stone Voices
UltimateTraining (

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