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I like stuff. Except the stuff I don't like.

Also, I really don't draw a lot. Whoops. I'm trying to work on that, though.

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I'm just gonna bump the old journal off my front page real quick.

on 26 February 2016 at 23:55:59 MST

Ah. There we go.

Hey, friends over here. Long time no see! Sorry about that. I've been trying to draw more, and to an extent I'm succeeding in that. Now, doing polished work or having something suitable to upload? That's a big'n that I need to tackle. I've been in and out of an emotional rut thanks in part to Brain Problems™, and my patience is pretty much non-existent. I'm also suuuuper rusty because I went without drawing for so long, so I'm working out that for the most part.

My goal is to be able to get more efficient with my work, because as it stands, I'm not. Like at all. It takes me like 6 hours to do something that should be done in 2. My current art process is very tedious, and I want to figure out how I can make it a bit easier on myself. I get burnt out far too easily, and that's no fun for anybody.

Aside from that, I've been really into Undertale. Like dang. It and Splatoon have been filling the void Homestuck has left. Not that I don't like Homestuck any more, but with the hiatuses and the filler, I've been less into it than I was let's say a year ago. And even then it was kinda waning. Why am I talking about this? Nobody cares. I sure don't.

Anyway, that's about it, so see ya until I have some more content to toss into my gallery.

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