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Here lurks a giant nerd who loves tea, cinnamon, and nightmare fuel. It's kinda an issue. I primarily draw digital artwork, but will do crafts and traditional art.

I'm currently working on a variety of things with the help of BreakerOfSound.

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  • Myths No More: On Hiatus
  • Commonplace: In development

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Small Progress

on 4 April 2022 at 19:21:49 MDT

Didn't realize that it's been a couple years since a proper update. This is partially since there hasn't been much to update on. Health wise, there's not much progress. Tests so far say I'm perfectly healthy when I know that's partially false. There's one coming up, that's admittedly scarily long, that may change that, but I can't say for sure. Best thing that can be done is to take to easy until then.

Project stuff is going much smoother as a script is close to done. It's the first more proper layout done and it's mostly a solo endeavor, so it's taking a bit. There'll be obviously a friend or two to chip in with editing as I should not be trusted. I don't think the name of it as been mentioned, it's called Commonplace btw. It'll hopefully be seen this year, but I can't make any promises. Posting won't happen until is done or close to done to minimize gaps and any behind the scenes art will appear after that is done.

Also a side note that'll hopefully not be a nuisance, A link to my threadless shop will likely be appearing more often eventually. I was pretty hesitant about it thanks to the pandemic. Commissions will be pretty much be on hold/rare due to health.

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Base Color Bust
$ 10.00
add  Additional Character
from $ 5.00
to $ 9.50
add  Complex Background
$ 5.00
add  Complex Shading
$ 4.00
add  Simple Background
$ 2.00
add  Simple Shading
$ 3.00


Base Color Full Body
$ 14.00
add  Additional Character
from $ 7.00
to $ 12.50
add  Complex Background
$ 5.00
add  Complex Shading
$ 6.00
add  Simple Background
$ 2.00
add  Simple Shading
$ 5.00


Couple's Icon
$ 30.00
Single Icon
$ 20.00

Payment is only through paypal. I need to be paid in full before working.

Things outside can be done of the commission list, but the prices will differ.
I work fairly quickly, so WIPs will need to be requested unless a large piece is commissioned.

    Short TOS:

  • I will not draw NSFW or fetish art.
  • I will deny a commission if necessary. Be reasonable.
  • Finished commission work can be posted elsewhere, give proper credit.
  • Only 3 large changes (Like completely changing the pose) and 8 small changes (like color tweaking or slightly changing the pose) will be done. Large Changes are for WIPs only.
  • You cannot request changes after 2 weeks of the artwork being done.
    I need to be given a reference of some kind for original characters. The colors will be taken from that for normal commissions. The only exception is for reference sheets with a clear description. This will raise the price, depending on complexity, as it’ll take longer to create.

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