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All Caught Up!

And with that, I'm all caught up on submissions! So from here on out I should be roughly submitting here and on FA on about the same schedule.

Also hello to all those new watchers who found me here, I hope you like what you see (probably do if you're following me?), and I hope I can continue to meet and exceed your expectations from me. I'm always trying to improve!

Lastly, for any of those now following me here who saw my work and thought to yourself, "That looks pretty sweet, I'd like to get something like that!", I say to thee, "Commissions are indeed open for such things!" Pricing and such should be on my home page beneath this journal using Weasyls fancy commission layout!

I hope everyone had an excellent New Years, and hope the start of the new year sees you all well!

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1. Full Color

Full Body + Full Background
$ 130.00
Full Body + Rough Background
$ 90.00
add  Extra Character
$ 65.00

2. Colored Sketch

Full Body
$ 55.00
add  Extra Character
$ 35.00

3. Sketch

Full Body
$ 20.00
add  Extra Character
$ 15.00



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    Nice work!

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    Great art, looks lovely. Have a follow.

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    I appreciate your thumbnails ;u;

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      I'm glad you do! It's something I kinda hope "catches on" or is changed, as I've mentioned in a previous journal, all the heads are a bit of a problem X3

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        Me too! The plague of facenails is killing me. I wish they would at least add a 'TIP: Include as many important details of the image in the thumbnail as possible. Avoid making the thumbnail of just a face' or something to the custom thumbnail page :C

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    Hey! I just made a profile tonight! Lets be Weasyl buddies! :D Glad to find some people I know over here haha

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    Your arts all all kinds of awesome in many, many ways! I love how you draw your tech and backgrounds.

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    Can I just go ahead and favorite your entire gallery? That would be easier.