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Ladies of TMNT Month!!!!

on 3 April 2020 at 09:01:08 MDT

Since it’s “April”, I will be dedicating the entire month to the female cast of TMNT. All timelines, all versions! Later this month I will be opening a small commission list specifically for what I’m now calling, “The Ladies of TMNT Month!” There will be a small number of slots available. And my normal rules and TOS apply to these commissions. The rules will be simple and similar to say, something like IRAM and KrAM. Commissions will be required to focus on one of the female characters from the TMNT franchise. These can be SFW or NSFW. Now with that being said, a shout out to any other artist or writers that want to plug themselves and their work. When I drop the announcement piece for this “special theme” month, I will also be leaving the comments open for folks to plug their work! It can be art, can be a poem, it can be anything that you like, as long as it goes with the theme! I will also be doing a number of non- commissioned pieces to go with this theme this month as well so I hope y’all take a peek at those also!

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    A purple goat puffing on Reggie.
    Damn, you stole the fursona I never knew I had.

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    Lovely art! And thank you kindly for watching!

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      Sorry, I was trying to point at your profile pic. XD

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        No worries! Thank you for the kind word.. Also, your art is awesome!!!

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    You're very much welcome! :D