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Welcome to StogieGoatArts

I take commissions by Google form!
I will announce ahead of time when I will be accepting commissions
via FA Journals and my socials!
Link for my commission form will be posted here
and on my other socials! So, keep an eye out!

What I do

Short but sweet Summary

-Essentially, I enjoy drawing furry ladies in, various situations,
both SFW and NSFW. (Rule34 and OC’s are both fine)
Want to throw some furry dudes in the mix? I can do that too! ^_^
-All characters depicted in NSFW works must be 18+
-If you want me to draw characters owned by other people in the fandom,
you need to ask them FIRST. Then THEY need to contact me
to let me know they have granted permission.
-I do not do M/M NSFW content.
(Just not my thing, but if that's what you're into, more power to you!)
-I do not do extreme kinks and fetishes. (Tentacles and light bondage is fine.)
(A more detailed list of what content I will and won't do linked below!)

Interested in a commission and need more info? Feel free to explore my commissions tab!
Commission tab here:

Direct link to my full, will do/ won't do list.
My TOS can be found here:


“Do you do requests?” “Will you draw me free art?” "Work for...EXPOSURE?"
No, these things unfortunately don't pay the electric bill.

“Do you RP?”

“Can I use your OC’s for RP?”
Absolutely not.

“Art trade?”
VERY rarely.

“Can I note you?”
Sure thing, if you have any questions regarding my art.

“Can I re-post your art in my gallery?”
Heck yeah! As long as you credit me for the art I’ve done, then no worries!

What will get you blacklisted!

-Harassing myself or any of my other commissioners.
-Having a reputation for being a rude or problem commissioner.
-(Artist do not exist in a bubble, and we tend to communicate with each other. If you have a history of being difficult to work with, I may choose to not work with you.)
-Critique is welcome, and is encouraged. However, starting drama or being intentionally and repeatedly rude may result in a block.
-Threatening me or anyone I associate with, including other commissioners.
-Attempting to use sock puppet accounts to circumnavigate block and bans.

"Be Excellent to each other!" - William Stanley Preston, Esq & Theodore Logan

Latest Journal

Status update! 5/27/2023

Hey folks, haven't put up an update in a while and thought I should cast a line out here. I'm still active and working on my commission queue bit by bit, and will continue to do so as I always do! Had a couple of setbacks, cus I got hammered by no less than 3 family emergencies in just a short period. I try to stay quiet about my problems, cus I don't like to burden folks with these things, But since were passed all of this for now, I will shed some light. About 2 months ago my mother had a massive stroke. She is alive and recovering. She can still walk and retain her coherency and her speech is fine, she managed to get out of it with some numbness in one side and lost vision in one eye. Considering the scale of what had happened and her advanced age this was as good as one could hope for. 

Further compounding things my stepfather, had a heart attack last month. My mother had to be taken care of by my sister so she can get her treatment while my stepfather was in the hospital. Again lucky that he survived and is still recovering. And then in the last few weeks, my wife suffered having to pass not one but two kidney stones requiring not one but TWO early morning trips to the ER. She should be fine and is doing better now, but it's heartbreaking seeing people close to me go through this kind of pain regardless of the degree, I am not made of wood and I care a lot. and I worry.. a lot.

 JSut wanted to get this off my chest, things are looking up and I am sorry if this made me appear more distant, but I think we're out of the woods with all this for now and will try to get back into my normal groove. There's just so much I want to do! That's all I wanted to vent about. In addition, wanted to mention I am getting my booster shots Monday, so I might be sick on Tuesday and not able to stream. That's okay I guess cus  I got some stuff I need to do offline this weekend and I may not be back into my full stream schedule again till later this week. I just felt I should get people up to speed on this stuff. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend all!  

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    A purple goat puffing on Reggie.
    Damn, you stole the fursona I never knew I had.

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    Lovely art! And thank you kindly for watching!

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      Sorry, I was trying to point at your profile pic. XD

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        No worries! Thank you for the kind word.. Also, your art is awesome!!!

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    You're very much welcome! :D