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I am a DRAW ANYTHING artist! Humans, furries, ponies, planes, plants, SFW, NSFW, you name it and I'll be interested!
Originally started making music in 2013 but decided to pick up drawing art in 2016. I aim to draw every day and post something at least once a day, either art or music.
I am also a music producer under many different aliases and music styles.
Neuter pronouns preferred but not mandatory, an anthro scorpion-cat hybrid is my main fursona.]Bandcamp]Inkbunny

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I'm done. I don't feel good.

on 31 October 2018 at 08:30:02 MDT

So... here's my attempt at publicly documenting how imptober went down;

The I drew 2 pictures a day (not counting edits). I drew the first 10 pictures by the 5th and that was when I left home to go on a trip with a few friends. I stayed for longer than I thought which meant by the I'd get back on the 13th, I was a lot more relaxed and lazy.

I was already behind and I was now uploading one picture a day while drawing more in advance. The 20th came and I with 11 days to go, I had 21 more pictures to get down, it was kinda discouraging. It came to a point where I realized I'd had to draw two pictures a day EVERY DAY if I wanted to get this done...

So I did just that. My life during these 11 days was; "Wake up, draw, eat, draw, shit, draw, go back to bed."

I didn't go outside, I didn't shower, I didn't spend any time with friends etc..

My health has been impacted much worse than I thought, slowness in everything, loss of creativity, it takes 5-7 hours to finish a drawing, skin looks pale, I developed a food addiction I think, like I'm full but I just want to eat something constantly even though I can't because I'm full..? And I lost most of my physical strength.

So why did I decide to do this to myself so I could finish Imptober?
Because it became a personal ego thing for me. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do what I say I was going to do. I wanted to set a scary goal and achieve it ragerdless of what it took, that's pretty much it.

In conclusion for the pictures:
56 total pictures were drawn within 16 days. Fuck me.

So now I'm gonna go lay down.. forever. I'm really not feeling well.
I might not draw or upload for a while. We'll see.
Commissions are open but I'll get to those at a later time, hope you all understand.

And finally, thank you to everyone who gave suggestions for Imptober and a special thanks to those few who expressed concern for me during this period! (Maybe that's not the correct word for it but english is failing me right now.) I hope you guys liked my interpretations of your ideas! <3

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