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Life Updates - Health Problems & Sick Pet [PLEASE READ]

on 3 October 2017 at 03:37:46 MDT

Hey guys, I figured I should probably post an update here since it's been a few months since my last.

Progress has still been being made on art, albeit slower than I'd like. Chronic health problems have been taking a toll on my productivity, but I'm still doing my best to work through my queue as quickly as I'm able, without sacrificing quality. A huge thank you to my commissioners for all of your patience. I've tried to keep in contact with updates, and I do update my queue regularly, but please don't hesitate to check in with me for updates if you'd like.

I don't like to go into a lot of details about personal issues, but I feel at this point it's necessary to talk about what's been going on a little bit, since it's affecting my productivity. Basically health-wise I've been in pretty rough shape. I've been experiencing chronic, debilitating pain without much relief. I've got prescription muscle relaxers and NSAIDs, but they honestly don't help much. I've also been experiencing withdrawals as I came off one of my psychiatric meds (dr. recommended, and I tapered; didn't quit cold turkey), so I've had migraines pretty much every day for the past week. I'm supposed to be starting another med to replace the last one soon, which can also potentially cause problems as I adjust.

In addition to that, one of our guinea pigs developed a problem this past weekend that I just took her to the vet for yesterday. She has a UTI and a decent sized stone that she needs to pass, otherwise she'll have to get surgery. So now we have to give her antibiotics 2x daily, yogurt 2x daily (to replenish good bacteria), painkillers 1x daily, a pill that will relax her urethra 1x daily, and clean her genitals with witch hazel and apply ointment 2x daily. It's a lot of work, especially since she hates all of the oral meds, so we have to force feed her them with syringes (for those of you who have never had to wrangle a guinea pig to do this, it's really hard; they wriggle and squeal a lot).

I hate asking for donations, but I do have a ko-fi account, and if ever there was a time that I could use the help, now is definitely it. The vet visit set us back $200, and if she requires surgery, obviously that will hit us even harder. I do have CareCredit for emergencies like this, so she'll get any help she needs no matter what, but it's daunting having that balance when you're already not doing well financially and have a lot of bills coming up to pay. I would open for more commissions but I'm pretty adamant about finishing up my current queue before I do that. I do still have 2 energy imp adoptables available that have been discounted to $30 each; I'm also open to reasonable offers on them at this point, just because I really need the money. I also have some older files of adopts that are mostly finished, so I may work on those to put up soon (inbetween commission work of course; I don't let side projects interfere with comms).

So again, thank you guys for your patience, and please remain patient with me as I try to juggle all of this. I promise that I'm trying my hardest to manage everything the best that I can. I'm close to finishing several commissions, so there should be some new art up very soon.

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