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I also do Fridaysketch Streams! check my info in my stream channels for more information!

In the day I'm a harmless IT, may do some graphic design stuff if needed. In the night, I'm am the mighty Super... wait... no, In my free time I draw anime esque stuff and furries... ok, ok, I draw porn, not always, but still, that's it...

Ocassional videogame player, my favourites are SSB64, SSF2, MvC2, KOF games... sometimes I play MUGEN too, but not too often...


Do you have any blacklisted fetishes or things you wouldn't draw?
Nice question... I'm open to a variety of ideas and fetishes, also, I don't only draw porn. But, in any case, I am pretty much not doing any of this:

  • Hyper (Big boobs or penises/balls are OK, but not too oversized, also, no rubber made people LOL)
  • Vore (I might experiment with some types I might feel comfortable with, but I won’t take this as a commission topic, sorry.)
  • Scat
  • Watersports
  • Vomit or nasty fluids like that
  • Gore / Guro (My limit is comic or Dragon Ball Z level of violence, even on fictional women)
  • Sonic, Spongebob or Steven Universe stuff (I admire many people that draws those in their unique style though.)
  • Choking stuff (If it implies death, otherwise it's fine)
  • Diaperfurs and related stuff...
  • Real people (at least, for NSFW, SFW is OK as long as it is nothing too suggestive...)
  • Bestiality (Although certain monsters or animals; there can be exceptions, such as gorillas or apes...)
  • Transformation sequences (unless it's a comic / doujin and the plot justifies that...)
  • Maybe I forget something I'm not comfortable with, ask first.

How do I know you are open for commissions?
Whenever I'm available, or there are open slots, I will let you know through journals or status updates in my different galleries, or posts over my tumblr. Whenever I'm available, or there are open slots, I will let you know through journals or status updates in my different galleries, or posts over my tumblr. To see commission prices, check my complete chart.

Are you open for requests?
No, sorry. Sometimes I might be open for trades, but depends if I'm interested or available. ***I'm never open for trades on December or late November***

I was born on 1984... December, now you can calculate

Any abilities?
Oh god... accounting needs really a bunch of patience...

Can you diagnose me Dr. House?
No... It's not Sarcoidosis, take this pill and don't put it in non-trusted places ever again...

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Latest Journal

Small Break from Commission List #1

on 9 May 2022 at 18:31:27 MDT

Hello peeps!!

Simply to announce I'll be taking a two week break from commissions starting today. After that, I'll return back with the second list of this year!

This won't affect stream commissions, tho, those are being worked as normal!

As usual THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support and preference. I will never get tired of telling you how much I love ya!!!


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