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This profile will contain sfw and nsfw. My principal profile are: (only sfw) only nsfw).

I create a webcomic called The great Suitor, check it out!

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Five night at Freddy Special Commission!

on 12 December 2017 at 02:07:40 MST

SO! FNAF 6, or pizzeria simulator if you wanna call it that way, it was released!
Let's take this occassion to make some fan art for the fans!
What i offer is:

  • a full body or half bust art.
  • Original character of fictional character allowed (max 2)
  • shadow details and background taken from the game series/ or a simple background (user can choose free) Limited offer! Take your opportunity today!

contact me here:

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Big draw

Big draw, A draw more detailed, colored and what do you want on it.
$ 25.00

Character profile

Character profile, Need a reference of your character? Ask me and i'll do it
$ 15.00


Comic page

Comic page, A story with your characters, a really perfect idea!
$ 80.00

draw with multiple character

draw with multiple character, a lot of characthers need a lot of time and works.
$ 40.00

general commissions

Hello, i'm the price
from $ 10.00
to $ 40.00

Little draw

a cute chibi character
$ 10.00
Little draw, a colored commission but small so without much details
$ 15.00


Sketch, a simple black and white draw
$ 5.00

Hi! My name is solaris91 and i'm an Italian cartoon artist! 'm studying to become a cartoonist so I like to draw different character, especially Anthro animal (but that doesn't mean I ignore humans ;)

here some example of my art!
In addition, there is a special offer: If you commissioned a design from me, you can get a second free from my boyfriend. just go here--->

for those interested, here's the rules:
-I accept paypal
-I refuse to draw scenes of violence, vore, physical or psychological abuse, or may disturb people. I can always refuse to make a draw if the request not suit me
-I can draw "erotic"situation or NSFW art, BUT if you want a erotic draw, you must contact me with a MP.

  • Payment for commission will be made BEFORE i start to working

IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask


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    hey, thanks for the fave i really appreciate it. Please go give the original artist some much deserved love as well. Link is in the description of the piccie <3

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    MY pleasure, that comic looks really interesting, any plans for future pages?

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      this comic will end soon, after that i'll start another project recently comissioned.

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    Heya! Thank you so much for following me and for faving "Camila, the Scarlet Macaw"~! :3

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    Ciao Solaris! Stai portando Anthony ovunque sperando che si perda? ;P

    Benvenuta! \o/

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      ci ho provato ma non funziona, mi trova sempre XD