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🌷 I'm Back!!! [ + BIG UPDATE! ]

on 11 July 2018 at 21:13:10 MDT

Hey everyone! I MISSED YOU ALL~!!! You have no idea.
So let me tell you!🌷 THE MOVE is completed! I am safe and sound in Florida. I already miss MA.
My first time on a plane was fine, the kitties were also mostly fine. Link is just a scardey cat. But Zelda was perfectly fine with everything. The bf was also fine, lol.
Then we basically twiddled our thumbs for a week and a half, waiting for our stuff to arrive in a pod. And having slept on an air mattress, very sore by the time it arrived to unload and unpack.

🌷 DELAY right off the bat - when we went to boot up my computer it short-circuited, probably from static buildup. Opps. So I had to get that fixed $$$ with more money I don't have. Heh.
But now that it is fixed and I am back, I can get to work! YAAAAY! I've been itching to draw! <3🌷 COMMISSIONS will only be open through my FRIDAY STREAMS until I am 100% caught up on ALL OWED WORK.
Starting with the Silhouette Sale I had right before the move. Followed by the rest of the owed Flats, an owed shaded com, All the Floral Waters commissions, an owed cheeb com, a REF com, and the last couple misc. YCHs I owe. takes a breath 
But yeah - 49 coms to go! (15 regular and the rest are the silhouette sale ones) Just to be super transparent.I know you all have been patiently waiting - you fucking ROCK! <3💚 STREAMS ARE FRIDAYS 3pm - midnight EST unless otherwise stated.
⋆ Silhouette Icons: $15 single ( +$10 each additional icon in a linked set)
⋆ Silhouette Scenes: $45 ( up to 2 chars ok)
⋆ Quick Sketches: $18 single or $30 couple
And subscribers can use their 5% off on stream commissions!
SUBSCRIBE if you haven't yet. It's FREE. I'll send 1-3 (but usually just 1) email newsletter per month with stuff such as early commission info/access to regular or special commission types or coupons/discounts on commissions, or announcements for my projects.🌷 FUTURE PROJECTS I also have plans to start a comic (once those coms are all caught up). I have a name and a basic idea. I won't be talking much about it cuz I will be focusing on DOING it lol. But once I get to a certain point, I should have a Patreon up for it. And I'll release all those goodies like behind the scenes, concept sketches, and everything then too. I think I just want to get trhough Issue #1 before I release it to the public, I'll basically be reading writing books and rcomic books and such in my free time until again, all my owed coms are done. 

🔮 TAROT DECKS are still available for purchase HERE.
I plan to purchase a deck, sign every card with my signature (and anything you want it to say), and to those who got a slot in the deck who would be interested, can purchase theirs for $5 + mailing cost (If you have multiple cards in the deck, it's still no more than $5 + mailing cost). I'll post the offer again once I have a deck in my hands.

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    I love your shadow Tarot cards! Wonderful work !