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Commission status: limited.
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I am a giant, monstrous mochi ice cream. I am black, queer, and in my twenties. As a
freelance illustrator, I live in Indiana with my spouse. As a delicious mochi
ice cream, I am peach flavored, and probably on a decorative plate.
No, you may not eat me.

I am coining the term altersex
for characters with certain body types.

♥ My best friend, my lover, my universe, my babygirl. ♥
• Since December 19th, 2012 •

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on 12 September 2015 at 12:43:42 MDT

Now that I'm done fiddling with my queue, ToS, and prices, I am open for commissions! Woo. :)

Gonna keep it simple and do two of everything this round.

Edit: Decided to turn the celestial sketches into monochrome! Just one slot left, for a transparent bust :)

Important stuff

  • Maximum of 1 image per person
  • Maximum of 2 characters per image
  • Complexity fees may apply
  • Payment up front, PayPal only
  • First Come, first served

Necessary Reading


Comment below to claim a slot! Don't have a Weasyl account? E-mail me at instead.

Please let me know what commission type you are interested in, either in your comment or in the subject of your e-mail.


  • Monochrome Sketches
    • Taken
    • Taken
    • Taken
    • Taken
  • Transparent Busts
    • Taken
  • Flat Illustration
    • Taken
    • Taken

Thanks for looking! Tell your friends :D

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    Ello! I was wondering if we could art trade!

    • Link

      Hi! Unfortunately, I do not have any time to spare for art trades D: My apologies!

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    oh man thank you so much for the favorite! I absolutely love your work <3 Keep it up!

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    You are the only one I seen on this site that is from Indiana. What city you from? Sorry if this is random XD

    • Link

      I can say that I am in the north-east part of the state!

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    So much great stuff appearing here ^^