Fugue by Nomax



6 June 2016 at 13:37:40 MDT

Commission done for the ever awesome Utunu , big thank you of course!
And he even got a little blurb to go along with it:

It starts with silence; just the rustle of savanna grass, the brush of Upepo’s breath sweeping across the wide open savanna. The herd is oblivious until it begins – a single voice with a single theme, heralding the events to come. But it is soon echoed. A second, then a third, then a fourth… each with the same theme, the same intent, but separated. They join the hunt, melding their voices with the first, a tribal rhythm where all follow inevitably to the end. Rushing with each other, side by side, shifted and offset, contrapuntal, they focus in on the kill. It swells as they merge together, one voice now, a crescendo to the finale, and then all is silence once more.

This painting actually goes back a couple of months and was one of the sketches i presented for the hoop dance picture i did for Utunu and Smokepaw!
Compared to all other unused sketches however this one actually found a path to completion! (and would have in any case, because if not for Utunu i'd probably just have done it with my own character at some point)

A very difficult picture too since i usually don't do many crowded pictures like this and it also is a bit of an unusual lighting setup for me. Still very happy with how it came out however and how much it taught me about composition of pictures like this.

Characters of course all belong to Utunu , apart from the buffalo, he's mine now , hands off ! >:o

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    Lovely composition, the flow of the characters is reminiscent of classical works :3
    Very epic!

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      Thank you very much!

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    Kind of has a 17-18th century feel to it in the style of painting and the focal points of attention.

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      Thank you, yes, that was very much the inspiration for it!

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    Wow, love the classical feel of this. Very beautiful.

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    Co cool and dynamic!

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      thank you :)

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