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Inktober #8: Wrinkly Cheshire by Sparkyopteryx

Inktober #8: Wrinkly Cheshire


10 October 2014 at 14:36:42 MDT

My contribution for Inktober from Wednesday. Had the sudden and very strong urge to draw a sphinx cat-inspired Cheshire thing that also happens to have ears from the American curl cat breed. Nothing to see here, just an adorable disappearing buck-toothed wrinkle cat.

Done with Staedtler pigment liners and black ballpoint on smooth bristol (this stuff is the best; I want more.).

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    Oh it's so cute it needs to disappear and then reappear right in my lap so I may give it the pets that it deserves. I would adopt five of these.

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      Yeah I'm with you there. I need dis.

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    Whoacrap those markings are awesome. The Sphynx and American Curl is an interesting hybridisation as well, nicely done~

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      I was trying to make the stripes look reminiscent of smoke, and I do so love swirly patterns. Honestly I couldn't say how plausible a sphinx with curled ears would be in real life but I liked how it looked and it's fantasy anyway haha. It's kind of fun to mesh the features of different cat breeds to make something really out there...

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    Sphinxes are the cat breeds I adore the most. Seeing a Sphinx who has an apparently demoniacal allure certainly melts my heart! Wonderful job here!

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      Same here. They have such variable personalities and are incredibly smart, along with the bizarre and endearing hairless mutation. I've considered revisiting this concept and perhaps making this individual a recurring face in my Uncanny Hosts setting I like it so much. Thank you!