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Writing Meme

on 28 February 2014 at 16:35:30 MST
  1. Why did you start writing?
    I used to write fanfiction and did very well in creative writing. I spent a lot of my high school years roleplaying on a Balto fan RPG forum on Yahoo Clubs/Groups. I dropped out for a while apart from writing scenes and play scripts during my theatrical training. I started writing again when I started participating in the fandom community as a whole and began to see really good furry fiction from the publishers. I read Out of Position, Found: One Apocalypse, and I was kind of hooked. Then I found out that Kyell Gold had a writing podcast with fellow writer KM Hirosaki and I started to listen and apply their advice.

  2. Was there anything that lead you into writing or did you just start on a kind of impulse?

I pretty much answered this above.

  1. What are some other writers who have inspired you?
    Well, inside the fandom my two biggest influences have been Kyell Gold and Rikoshi. In addition, genre fiction writers like Timothy Zahn and Cathrynne Valente

  2. Is there a project you’ve worked on that you absolutely love and would really like to see published?
    Well, if it's worth editing, the novel I have largely written.

  3. Would you like to be published some day? If not, then why?
    I'd like to have more non-erotic stuff published, more so I can talk to anyone about my writing and publication and have valid examples. Con books, while cool, aren't quite what people have in mind when they ask what you've had published.

  4. What are your favorite genres to write? Are they the same as the genres you like to read? If not, then why?
    Furry as a metagenre. I love sci-fi and fantasy, but I've also dabbled in more slice-of-life romance style stories, again, inspired by Kyell Gold

  5. Is there a particular subject you find it difficult to write about? What is it and why?
    I honestly have found that the military is a difficult subject. There is so much to get right that you can't really gloss over. If you don't get something right, there are enough military readers even in the fandom who will call you on it and it can sink a story.

  6. Is there another medium you really want to try at some point that would make use of your writing skills but also require you learn other forms of art? If so, what is it?
    I think this is a pretty narrow question. If you're writing, you're writing. Medium like, articles? Blog posts? Comics? I don't know, maybe?

  7. Are there any other questions you think this meme should ask? If so, feel free to add them to the template.

Ask me any questions you may have. I'll be happy to try and answer them.

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