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Just your neighborhood huntress spirit

Trying my paw at writing. Have an interest in history, other cultures, science fiction, fantasy, some philosophy, transhumanism, futurism, etc.

Any trades will be for written material, not artwork -- unless you're really desperate for my low-quality art. :)

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A lot of changes in a year

I haven't been very active on art sites for a while now, and have gone through massive changes in my life, particularly within 2015 alone.

The biggest reveal is that I am transgender. I am male to female (mtf) trans.

The process of realizing I was trans has been a shattering one, but in a good way; I feel like all the pieces of myself I've expressed through characters make more sense, and I feel far less repressed in expressing myself as feminine in general. I've even been repressing the traits that I associate with "women" mentally, because gender roles really are pushed upon us from an early age, but I digress.

I also moved to Seattle, and ended up in a relationship with the most wonderful person I'll ever know. She is my companion, my "other half" as it were, even if I were to accept others into my life -- which I am not opposed to, as I am polyamorous.

I am in a much happier position in my life, and I am growing more and more inspired to create art, express myself, interact with others, in ways I never did before. I feel like I've overcome a lifetime's supply of writer's block in becoming this new self, though I lack the skills and routine to do much with it yet -- but I'm working on it.

Solus/Sola is still a character that I love, and I love their appearance and confidence, but in the end, I identify more and more with characters like Elodia Alor, and a new "self" in the mix -- Vedia Lupae, which I am considering making my actual name legally.

There is a lot to explore with these concepts of myself, and I think they're important to explore to understand the fullness of me. If I make this sound all meditative and mystical, I don't mean to; but I have been tremendously unhappy for so long, that I essentially had to gaze inward to try to understand myself, and now I feel like I'm getting to that point. Talking about it helps, and gives me a way to explain it in a linear fashion, which is kind of hard to do when you're in the midst of mental chaos.

Overall, I am much happier and much more motivated with many more personal goals now, and that is all good.

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    Thank you so much for faving my characters, Drosera, Eventide, Whisper, Gabby, Zetsubou, Higeki, Victoria, and Ylva. And art of Eventide, Penelope, Neirith, Victoria, and Drosera.

    I hope you enjoyed their stories

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    Thank ya for the favorite, Ulfra~ Wasn't expecting you to like that one, heheh.

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    Ah, you stalking me! giggles Thanks for the follow!

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    Thanks for watching

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    Hellu, thanks for following me :3

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      What can I say? I like what little art you've shown so far. I'm a big fan of fantastic (yet simple) backgrounds. I'm trying to move my own way up to making them, but have a lot of difficulty with characters; your stuff's good for giving me ideas on what I can do. Very inspirational!

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        Haha thank you, I am not yet so much on weasyl, and those small backgrounds have been done quickly as training, I must draw more >.>
        But so much things to do side of that. Good feedbacks helps to try some others backgrounds and maybe more complex ones one day.
        I really appreciate support :3

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    found you on weasyl! (sage from twitter)