Greetings and salutations. You may call me Rachel, or even "The Artist Formerly Known As TaciturnTiger".

I am a huge fantasy RPG dork, an avid audiophile, and an aspiring writer. My art isn't anything above amateur level, but I'm hoping at least some folks will like it? I mainly specialize in either vore stuff or clean character references, but I feel I should (and could, if I tried hard enough to) expand my traditional art abilities further. This page will share my artistic endeavors, as well as house my commissioned works.

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Clarification to Character Confusion

on 21 August 2018 at 19:53:27 MDT

Hey again, folks. Hasn't been too long since my last entry, but felt the need to chat about something regarding my main character/fursona. I've been experimenting with different versions of her over time, and I've tossed around various names, backstories, concepts and powers for her to have. Some of it stems from getting weirded out if others found out about my vore stuff, and other bits of it come from personal stuff and overthinking.

So, here's what I've decided on. The lioness is going to be named "Rachel Ash", as she was before. Her backstory still involves her late adventurer father, but she's had issues with her identity and her mother's plans for her life throughout her youth. As such, Rachel is going to be male-to-female as she is in her current representation, but may or may not use her magic to swap between genitals when relevant. Her costume will likely be the classic midriff-showing chemise as well as her skirt, but I'm also keeping the armband and toe ring from her most recent rendition as "Raziya"; she might bust out those gilded bangles sometime, though! As for her powers, I'm going back to her version in the Eka's vore interactive I had, and am making her an illusionist as she was.

Long story short, meshing the old(ish) with the new; figured I'd post about this for those who'd like to know, as to avoid making this confusing for myself and others. :p

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