I block people who can't be bothered to tag their uploads properly or whose submissions gross me out so if you find yourself unable to comment on my stuff, don't freak out thinking you've done something to personally offend me. Sorry, but I'd rather have a comfortable time browsing the submissions section than being able to interact with everyone.

It has come to my attention that blocking a user prevents them from following me - a consequence I didn't really intend. If you do want to stay updated with my art, you are welcome to follow my tumblr pages below. I post more of my sketches there anyway.





Inked with simple colors
$ 60.00
Painted, with a small scene
from $ 100.00
to $ 125.00


$ 20.00


Inked with complex colours
$ 145.00
Inked with simple colours
$ 90.00
$ 175.00
from $ 20.00
to $ 30.00
Sketch, shaded
from $ 30.00
to $ 40.00
add  Backgrounds and scenes
from $ 30.00
to $ 50.00
add  Complex designs (fur stripes, intricate clothes & props etc.)
from $ 5.00
to $ 40.00

+75% of base price for each added character.
A very simple background is included in the base price.
I will gladly experiment with styles and techniques.
Will also accept payment in EUR and SEK, accounting for conversion rates.

All payments are taken over PayPal. Frequent updates will be shared to make sure everything is right but I'll only redo something twice - and what it is depends on how much progress has been made. I have the right to cancel a commission and refund the buyer at any time. Things I will never draw are gore, obscure kinks, children, sparklesonas and whatever else I am not comfortable with. Ask!

Unless you see a journal (and status) stating otherwise, I am not available for work. Please don't ask me if or when I think I'll open.


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    Merry Christmas mate. i hope you have a merry Christmas and a great new year! <3<3

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    Your art is fantastic and a true inspiration, man.

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    How to obtain own Tetton? <^> pleasesharesecret

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    So the Tetton's belong to you? Would you be opposed to me maybe creating one? I mean, I can't draw or anything, but i'd be able to make one on Second Life most likely.

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    Hello I have question are Borelians still not open to public or Could I purchase drawing from you that would let me use character in that species.

    I would be glad for reply and have nice day.

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    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR ART I love it I love it

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    I love coming back here and seeing a 'load' from you.... hahaha.... sorry I couldn't help myself.

    but In all serious, your actually like the only reason I come back to this site to check in. Your works always been so lovely and it just keeps getting better and wherever it pops up I immediately Recognize it as yours. I miss your stuff whenever your not posting, I wish you'd do more.

    However i'm always happy with what there is, Don't ever stop. World would be sad without your awesome art in it. I don't care what anyone else has ever said.

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    Thank u!