If you've come to inquire about Tettons, the short answer is that I they are a private endeavorment and I would appreciate if you did not use them. I am not yet prepared to share any details beyond what you see in my submissions.

I used to and sometimes still do block people who spam or don't tag their uploads properly in order to hide such content that slips through my filters, but it's been later brought up that they in turn cannot even view my submissions. If you find yourself blocked, please don't freak out thinking you've personally offended me - you may try one of my alternative outlets linked below.

I try to stream on Piczel most evenings CEST.

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Commission slots CLOSED

on 17 November 2020 at 07:15:33 MST

Just notifying that my slots have been filled, and thus if you have not gotten a confirmatory reply already it should be safe to put your money away! I have added the chosen jobs to the top of my project list:
Apologies if you didn't make this round!

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Character Illustrations

Inked with complex colours
$ 145.00
Inked with simple colours
$ 85.00
$ 175.00
from $ 20.00
to $ 30.00
Sketch, shaded
from $ 30.00
to $ 40.00
add  Backgrounds and scenes
from $ 30.00
to $ 50.00
add  Complex designs (fur stripes, intricate clothes & props etc.)
from $ 5.00
to $ 40.00


Inked with complex colors
$ 40.00


Inked with simple colors
$ 60.00
Painted, with a small scene
from $ 100.00
to $ 125.00

+75% of base price for each added character.
A very simple background is included in the base price.
I will gladly experiment with styles and settings.
I generally charge in USD, will also accept payment in EUR and SEK accounting for conversion rates.
Payments are taken through PayPal invoice.

Unless you see a journal (and status) stating otherwise, I am not available for work. Questions about if or when I think I'll open are generally ignored.

I typically choose the job(s) that sounds most interesting out of a batch of applications, or, if a YCH, the character that is most appealing or appropriate. I am less interested in fursonas than original designs. My gallery should give you a good idea of my interests.

I make sure to take input at every step of the drawing process and so may not make significant adjustments that should have been pointed out earlier, depending on how much work it entails, and will not make minor ones more than twice. I assume the right to cancel a commission and refund the buyer at any time, partially if significant progress has been made. Things I will not draw are sparklesonas, macro, hyper, inflation, hard vore, gore, non-con, preteen porn, diapers, soiling, transformation and other obscure obscene kinks. I am entirely fine with drawing mecha, complex mechanical components, weapons and equipment, but high detail will cost extra. I generally will not draw franchise characters (TV/film, games, original species) in manners that do not conform to their canon.


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    Much love

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    Your art is just so stunning, I love how you do charrs and your original species. I hope I can catch you open one day! ;w;

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    Love every piece of art you release and getting a commission from you is very high on my bucket list~
    Out of curiosity, I imagine that Character References would be considered "Inked with complex color", "Inked with simple colors" or "Painted" depending on the design, or do you have a separate price not listed here?

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      Ref sheets are in simple colors but I negotiate prices on an individual basis depending on what the sheet encompasses.

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    Am SUCH a fan of your work and style! Hope to commission you someday. Thank you for posting!

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    So I didn't pay attention to Weasyl for maybe a year or more; is it just me or is the site, like, stupidly slow? Have you noticed anything off with the place? I'm getting 504 errors every other page...

    Do you by chance have a mirror gallery with all your stuff in the off chance Weasyl as a ship "does the Titanic" if you will? (alternatively, have you considered reviving your FA?)

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    Nice gallery! :3