Hello there! I'm just another late-20-something who occasionally kicks out some artwork here and there. I mostly go by the name Six or Anuolf online. I sometimes draw since it's a hobby of mine, which kinda sucks since I wish I had the time and motivation to make it more than a hobby. I draw animals and humans mostly. But might venture into Anthro if I can ever get the hang of the anatomy [that animal head on a human body ALWAYS throws me].

I live in Connecticut with my boyfriend, my two cats named Spriggan and Dante, and my ball python named Kodama. If I'm not working I'm usually watching Netflix to catch up on things I've missed and to unwind. Basically, I don't do artwork as often as I would like to, simply because the muse and motivation just isn't there. I work as a Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent [in short, I'm the person who works in the back of the shop and fixes the computers]. It's a field I enjoy, and makes me more money than I would get from trying to be a professional or freelance artist.



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I'm horrible

on 23 March 2018 at 22:30:34 MDT

I am absolutely horrible at keeping up with art sites. Then again, I've been terrible at doing artwork since my last submissions. I do doodles from time to time. You can find me posting those more often on my Twitter [@AnuolfRaccoon].

Hopefully, though, the more I doodle, the more I'll be inspired to clear off my art desk and get to work again. I've also been musing the idea of raising money for a new laptop for digital art seeing as my laptop shit the bed pretty much two years ago now, but never really ran Photoshop and when it did, I would prefer to watch a snail on nyquil because it would go faster. A new tablet would also be a real treat too... My ex-inlaws bought my current one back in... 2010? And I'd rather not have something I'll be using a lot as a terrible reminder of those dark dark times.

I've become more active in the furry community as far as conventions [regional] and Twitter goes. I attend Furpocalypse every year, and hope to continue to attend Anthro New England yearly as well. My next con will be Pine Fur Con in April, and then I'll be on "Con Hiatus" until FP again.

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