Hi, I'm Sundance. I am a Wolf Therian.
After going through a lot of rough times in my life I am pleased and happy and proud to announce
that I am now happily married to a wonderful and loving man!
I would like to take on commissions and have examples of my work in my gallery.

I'm known as "Den Mother" to many!
My favorite band of all time is Omnia, and my favorite song ever is "I Don't Speak Human"
Founder of The New England Furries/Therians United facebook page:

I'm a NH native and hope to move back there someday with my husband. For now I'm in MA.

I'm taking commissions!

Costumes $50-$2,000
Cloaks $50-$300
Wood Burnings (chests, disks, wall hangings, etc...) $10-$100
Avatars/Icons $10-$50
Drawings $40-$100
Photography Sessions (CD included) $50-$125 (weddings start at $800.00 and also include a DVD)
Have an idea for something else? Just ask and I'll try!

I LARP as my fursona at Knight Blades:

I host the Auburn Furbowl and a few other events taking place in New England and Massachusettes.
+Watch me to keep up with my meets!

I'm kind of a jack of all trades. I'm a photographer, traditional artist, costume maker, wood burner, painter, musician (piano), singer, and I'm going to be learning how to make fursuits soon!

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My Anthrocon 2015 Experience

on 16 July 2015 at 18:03:21 MDT

My Anthrocon 2015 Experience

I had so much fun and have so much to tell I don't know where to begin!
Firstly I prepared for this convention for months and still didn't finished everything I wanted to. I didn't finish the plushies, my head for Sundance (my black and white wolf fursona), nor did I finish all the fur suit head wall mounts. At least I made my famous banana muffins for the room! All and all though I did great in the dealers den WOOOOO!!!

So, 5 of my friends and I had planned pretty well for the trip. Inu and I met at my place, played car tetris, then met Gregg and Syfka at Torben and Stryx's apartment. We were all so excited most of us had a hard time winding down to get our asses to sleep lol.

We all woke around 5am and left by 6am for our long journey to Pitsburge PA.
Inu was an awesome traveling companion! We all took 2 vehicles. 2 people in mine, 4 in Greggs truck. We only hit traffic once on rt 15 then once we went over the Tap it was clear sailing all the way to AC. I had put together a playlist for the road and Inu took pictures of the sights as we traveled. There were some really nice sights, saw some other Furries driving to AC, saw very beautiful landscapes and hills... and an awesome moth!

SHEETZ!!!! All the crazy jokes... what an interesting rest stop gas station food station with all the slushies ever!!! Then there was driving through Murrysville... more of the crazy jokes LOL!
When we arrived in Pitsburge around 4pm and had a little hiccup and some stress related to parking but it resolved itself and after a long wait we finally got up to our room. Getting a cart was difficult because there were so many people checking in. I remembered I had my own cart for my dealer stock so using that saved us a little time before we could get a bigger hotel cart.
Hanging in the room the first night was pretty fun. We didn't settle and unpack right away. We just dropped our stuff, chilled a little bit after the long drive then went out to see the city!
I had many goals in my head for my time at AC and as we walked I accomplished one of them right away, meet Uncle Kage!!!! We were standing outside the Westin across from Tonic and there he was. I gotta say, he's one of the nicest people I've ever met! I've only organized fur meets and never anything larger than an 84 person bowling meet... I can't even imagine all the work that goes into organizing a convention especially one the size of Anthrocon! I tip my hat to Uncle Kage and his team for all the work they do to bring us such a fun event! I made sure to say so when I met him. Sometimes we forget in life to show recognition but it is so important for people to receive!

My friends and I continued to walk around. I think we got split up at one point. I remember going to Fernando's with Inu where we also ran into Cirrus and got a bite to eat and some souveniers. I didn't really know why I got the dog bowl but I think in the back of my mind I thought, it's a unique souvenier and maybe someone from my pack who couldn't come to AC might like to have it.
I can't remember every single thing I did but I know I didn't have too late a night. We all went back to the hotel and settled in the sleeping stuff (air mattress and cot, etc...) and moved things around so we had some walking space. Inu brought out his glow sticks... to whick Gregg decided to pick up Floki Fox and stick one of the yellow ones in her nose... Oh the video!!! Gregg pretended she had a major snot problem and proceeded to pull it through her nose as he made a sniffing sound. We all lost it as Syfka recorded the moment. I think after that we watched some Shark Week until our hotel room lost the signal, then we went to bed.

WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! "What Does The Fox Say?" played from Inu's phone. WOOOOO!!! Everyone else groned lol. This was a big day for me! This was my 2nd furry convention ever and I was also vending! I've vended all but 1 convention I've attended but nothing quite like Anthrocon! Sure Boston Comicon had been the biggest one I've done and it was my first convention but my product is mostly catored around Furries. I have setup anxieties and was chomping at the bit to get going! Badge check in was at noon for pre-registration as well as Dealers and Artists. Syfka, Gregg, and myself found a way in that wasn't as crowded and followed the maze of the Westin convention center to get to the lines. Syfka's line didn't start until 2pm. Gregg hopped in line. I texted people where we were then went in search of the Dealers line. WOOOO 2 people ahead of me! I got checked in then returned to keep Syfka company. They told me I could wheel my stuff in at 2 so I had some time to kill. Eventually Stryx came to sit with us as well as some others so I hopped out to grab my Dealers stuff.
I went back to the hotel, grabbed my Dealers stuff and headed out. I just crossed the street from the hotel, reved up my speed to make it up onto the side walk. I was feelin' good! I was pumped! I made a HUGE mistake with my cart! The cart hit the curb and flipped over forward causing the base to come crashing upward into my shin! OUCH!!!!
I picked up the cart with a megga adrenaline rush for I did not want to get run over! I sat down in a slight panic from the extreme pain and called Tom. I asked him "how does one know if their leg is broken or not? Could you walk on a broken leg?" He said most likely no. I released all my energy in fears and teared up a bit but through my crying managed to get the words out "I just need help calming down, I can put weight on it, it just hurts like hell!" He calmed me for a few minutes and I decided to pick myself back up and try making it to the hotel.
Why didn't I call anyone for help? Maybe I'm just stubborn lol but a kind stranger in a business suit helped me down my first obstacle which was the most difficult part of my trip from the Doubletree to the Westin. I thanked him as I limped along. He asked me if I was ok, I told him what had happened, he offered sympathy, I thanked him for the help and that I was now ok and off he went to start his day and off I went to get to my destination.
The treck was difficult enough going down hill with a heavy load without an injury to my leg... I huffed a bit as I limped in pain, my leg starting to swell, no ice, no rest, didn't get to elevate my foot... -_- I finally arrived in double the time it normally took to get there. I get up to the doors to enter the Dealers den and they wouldn't let me in! "It's after 2pm, you told me 2, not 3, what's going on?" They didn't really have a very good explanation and I became a little frustrated. I know they were just doing their job but I was in extreme pain. I explained, showed them my leg, one of the ladies at the door helped me out and got me in. I apologized for sounding snippy but at least she understood why. I calmed down and set up.
Inu and I hung out for a little bit after I set up my booth and got a drink at Tonic. I had brought an order for Maibu for chainmaille so I texted him to let him know where we were hanging out. He came, loved it, and decided to purchase outright rather than rent it for the week. I got a little tipsy as the drinks at Tonic were amazing! I only had 1 but it was more than enough! I went back to the hotel, I think on my own? I think Inu went out with other people as the whole trip that's what happened to everyone. Go out meet up, split up, mingle, reconnect, add more, subtract some, and repeat.
Oh! Now I remember, I went back to the hotel alone and met up with Syfka, Torben, and Stryx, Dragon was there too. We went to the Omni to hang with Dragon, Nisha, Blade, and their roomies. It was raining a bit so we ran. Blade shared his spiked gummy bears yummy! Syfka and I eventually left the group to go find Inu and Gregg. We found them and hung out more!

Chomping at the bit again!!! Gotta get up, gotta shower, gotta get dressed, gotta head out! Inu was already up and out the door for coffee and smoke. I Put out the muffins for everyone after taking one myself and I headed out to the Dealers Den. I was still limping a little but survived. I was a little frustrated when again I ran into another delay for getting settled but I waited and tried to be patient. They ended up letting us all up for setup. I don't like setting up and leaving my goods unattended so I just prepped for set up the day before. Each day I like to move things around and need that time before shoppers come in to do that. I will say one thing, the security in this place was pretty epic! Once those doors were locked, they had guards and wouldn't let anyone in! I truly felt my goods were safe in their care even if it frustrated me in the am as I chomped at the bit lol Before the doors opened I took a quick walk around and found a stuffed animal I couldn't resist! A Giant Anteater Squishable caught my attention and I didn't allow it to stay on the shelf. I have a thing for giant anteaters hahaha.
I set up my booth and awaited sales! DOH!!! I forgot my lunch! Texted Torben and Gregg and Torben found my lunch bag and said he'd bring it to me wiped brow. As I sat waiting they opened up the Dealer's Den to the Supersponsors. I had a very unwelcomed visitor who knew better than to approach but saw that I was alone so took advantage. They proceeded to pick up and touch my goods telling people false information as to how they were done. I cleared my throat but stayed still and quiet not wanting to make a scene. Torben arrived with my lunch to which I said "I need security!" He knew why without even seeing what had happened. Security came very quickly, handled it, reassured me, and told me what to say and do next time. I made a note and felt more confident and had no other insidents the rest of the convention. Thank you staff and security!
Friday was a really good day for sales!!! WOW! I got to see a lot of my fellow New England friends and even FINALLY met the first furry friend I ever made in person! Luckychance and I met years ago through Livejournal but eventhough we lived 1 town apart, hadn't met in person until now! It was awesome to finally meet her! She hung out with me at my booth for a bit. Inu, Gregg, Taru, Sorrel, and Kaito also came to sit with me off and on. I occassionally watched their stuff and offered a resting place as they kept me company. I had such a good day I treated myself to 2 more giant anteater stuffed animals... I might have a problem... I now have 6 total including my 3 at home...
After closing, Inu, Luckychance, and Gregg and I all met at the Westin, got to meet one of the Firestorm Six makers, then we found a very inebriated Taru who adored the smallest of my new giant anteater stuffed animals and proceeded to run around with him after naming him Paco. Inu, Luckychance, Gregg, and I then went out for Sushi, after retrieving Paco of course. It was pretty packed and took over 2 hours for us to get our food. One weighter was grumpy but a woman who looked like she was carrying all the weight of everyone took over and apologized to us. She was awesome and got a really nice tip from us. She comped part of our order and was really generous and kind so we felt she deserved to be recognized.
After leaving the Sushi place I realized I forgot that I had been invited to the art opening! CRAP! Gotta go guys! I booked it up there and found Cirrus. We walked around together enjoying the art. It was an honor to get to see so many of the famous artists works in person! Some of them I had thought were digital but was thrilled to find paint, ink, watercolor, and pencil for many of them. I chatted with one of the artists who had made some husky stuffed animals. I told her my JOP had 2 just like 2 she had made and told her how beautiful her creations were.
I left the gallery auction after a little while and ran into Gregg, Inu, and Syfka. We all headed over to Tonic for more food and drink. We slip a piture of The Invation and 2 orders of nachos. I got a little buzzed... again XD at least I think it was Friday, not Thursday night that we went back to Tonic lol
So... find my bank ATM then time for bed!

Chomping at the bit again!!! This time I got up a little later so not to crowd the guards. Put out more muffins for my roomies and headed out. By the time I arrived they were letting Dealers in, yay! I rearranged my booth again. I had run into a couple of issues with Floki on the fur suit head wall mount not being seen. People crowding one side of my booth from one of my neighbors because there wasn't a good border to show which booth was mine and which was hers, and on the other side, people looking at my other neighbors art were covering my art with his binders lol totally not his fault but I moved things around so it wouldn't happen anymore. He was a good neighbor and had really beautiful prints! I ended up buying 2 of them and plan to frame them together along with a print out of the original painting that inspired them.
I had another pretty successful day, not as busy as the day before. They announced to Dealers and Artists that if they hadn't yet picked up a fur suiter badge to do so at the front of the Dealer's Den. I then realized something... if everyone is either in or watching the fur suit parade... couldn't I then participate too? WHOOSH!!!! I got myself a badge and asked Inu if he'd bring the rest of Floki for me to the Dealers Den and asked my neighbor if he'd keep and eye on my booth during that time, he said he would no problem! WOOOO!!! I got to get in the photo and participated in part of the parade, until we reached my booth, where I hopped out of line to take photos. I think I confused the staff when I said I had a partial and was wearing just my tail and ears with the dreads for Sundance and not showing them all of Floki. No worries, I had a full partial WOOO!
Saw a pretty awesome car on the way to Story Time!
After the parade things picked back up a little and I walked around more with people and hung out. I hung out with Luckychance more and then discovered Uncle Kage was doing a Story Time hour at 7. OMG it's like in 7 minutes and we're at Doubletree WHOOOOSH!!! Out the door we went and I was practically hopping I was so enthused about it! I love Uncle Kage's talks and stories from watching online I couldn't wait to see one in person! I laughed, I cried, I was entertained, and I had so much fun! After we hung out to say hello as I wanted 3 things: 1, I wanted to thank Uncle Kage for his kindness to a soldier, 2, I wanted another picture with him, and 3, I wanted an autograph. He did a video for Taru's boy friend in the military which was really awesome! It was nice to see someone like him, a celebrity in the fandom, taking time to talk with his fans!
We all hung out in the loby deciding what to do next. One guy had a radio on his waist and I recognized the song (although not the original version), "I See Fire" from the 2nd Hobbit movie. I was so bummed out that my voice was gone and that I didn't get to participate in the masquerade... He played the movie version for me, I didn't know he had it! I attempted to sing, failed miserably but he said to me "for someone who lost their voice, you still sing better than I can!" I hugged him and said thank you. Luckychance said the same thing, hugged her too lol.
I think I went to bed soon after that as I was tired and again, losing my voice faster with every passing day of excitement. I had started to lose it weeks before, not sure why... keep getting sick from the air here I suppose (in MA). Headed to my ATM again then went to bed!

WAKE UP!!! Chomping at the bit a little less, tired, put out muffins, showered, got dressed, forgot to turn off my alarm for the first time but still woke hours before it. Headed out to the Dealer's Den this time being the only one awak where normally Inu was downstairs getting coffee.
I did better on Sunday than Saturday but not as big as Friday but I still managed to completely pay for my trip and bring back money! HUZAH!!! I finally sold a fur suit head wall mount and Tom's black coif. A man with his wife and son haggled until the very end of the day for that coif! He was a tough haggler but I finally put my foot down and he bought it for hit little boy. I packed up my stock in exactly an hour and out the door I went! Luckychance was there waiting to help me to the hotel with it. I knew it was going to be rough but didn't think going up hill would be even harder. With going down hill the worry is losing the stock down the hill by having it run away from you! Going uphill involves an ass ton of muscle and endurance! She helped guide it on occassion as I needed and helped me up 1 tiny hellishly steep hill but all the rest I did on my own ;) WAAAARRRGGG flexes tiny 5 foot tall body
I packed everything into the car and then went to Ben and Jerry's for an ice cream New England Furries/Therians United meet. They were almost sold out of everything! I still got what I wanted, Cherry Garcia WOOO!!! We all came and went, hung out, split up, rejoined, etc... I think I walked around for quite a while. I hung with Syfka a bit and took pictures of the water and the changing color fountain under the convention center. Got some really cool pictures of her in Bidis, her green unicorn.
I ended up back up in the Westin as it was rumored after parties can be the most run of the whole convention! I saw Fox Amoore was starting to play and there was hardly anyone there so over I went and stood next to Cirrus. I was soon pushed out by someone who glared and got between me and the piano... I left... really bummed because not only had I been there first but I am a pianist and really wanted to get the chance to watch this amazing pianist in action! I went into the Zoo and saw Inu. I told him what happend. He marched me right back out there and told me I was going to get to enjoy that music no matter what! What a good friend!!!! He stayed with me on the oposite side of the room. I sat down below the crowd and just listend to the playing and singing. Eventually I stood up as it was getting more and more full of furries as Fox Amoore played. We were singing and shouting and WOOing and laughing! I forgot my previous worries and had a blast!
Slowly Inu helped push me towards the piano so I could watch better. Being short has it's dissadvantages as well as it's perks. I can squeeze in almost anywhere! I got to side down behind Fox Amoore as he played. I was a bit self consious as my voice was still shot but I discovered I had my falcetto voice!!! WOOO I can at least hit the high notes! Season's of Love came on and I totally nailed the solo! Fox Amoore was so nice! He asked me if I had recording equipement to which I answered no. He then had me write down my FA. I can honestly say that Sunday night was the most fun I had all week at AC. Hearing the piano and singing was the highlight of my weekend that topped it like the perfect frosting on a cake! I went to bed late but so happy!!! Hopefully next year my voice will be fully healed and I can sing in the masquerade as it's my 2nd big dream! 1st dream was to be a jocky, 3rd is to be a famous artist (working on it).

Get up! Gotta drive home! Inu had planned on getting up first to shower but ended up having stuffed animals tossed his way as we tried to wake him. I think the bird was lifted up a couple times hahaha. Gregg got his bed shaken by Syfka while I poked at him with the squishable giant anteater hahaha. He grunted and eventually got up.
We left around 9am. The drive was pretty good but longer than the time getting there. I took a wrong turn but ended up eating 2 cars worth of a toll as we backtracked. We found a Dunkin Donuts, got eats, back on the road. Stopped at a rest area, chilled for a bit, then off again. Stopped at a Denny's and rested a while, then away again! We saw a Canadian Fur on the road, a Vermont Fur, and 2 MA furs. One of them traveled a few hours with us in their silver volvo. I was doing ok for a few hours until Denny's didn't agree with me!!! GRRRR emergency stop to find a bathroom! Then again over an hour later on Rt15 had to stop again! Traffic... so much traffic on Rt15... people don't know how to merge in New England... In PA everyone was so nice on the road! Not traffic, not even in construction zones! It was awesome! Not in NE... rolls eyes. We got at Torben and Styrx's place late then off we went, Inu and I back to my place after divying up the money from the trip.
Inu and I arrive I think between 11pm and midnight. Got all his stuff from my car and off he went home. Everyone arrived home safely. Wow what a fun and amazing trip!! I can't wait to go again next year and hope to achieve all my goals this time including singing in the masquerade! Thanks for a fun time!!!
I want to say thank you again to Uncle Kage and his staff for making this convention on of the best times of my life! You guys do so much, know that it's appreciated!!!
I want to say thank you to Fox Amoore for the music and the singing! I had such an amazing time!!!
I want to thank my roomies for being so awesome and for Torben who planned our trip and hotel out for us!!
I want to thank Inu for being my backup when I needed help and for being an amazing co-pilot on the trip there and back!!
I want to thank Syfka for making the amazing room sign for us!!!
I want to thank both Torben and Stryx for supplying us with the cot and air mattress and for bieng so awesome with all our shinanigans!
Lastly I want to thank all the attendees and security people and staff of the hotels in Pitsburge as well as all the resteraunts and places for putting up with all our craziness and allowing us to take over your city for a week giving us the time of our lives!
Thank you Anthrocon 2015!!!!

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