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I'm sorry, I will not be maintaining a presence or activity on this profile going forward.

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SPCS was a blast! And...more grab bags!

Just got finished unpacking from the Sarnia Pop Culture Show. It was a blast, and really good for a small, one day convention! I thoroughly enjoyed it, sold lots of beautiful things to lots of wonderful people, and I am already looking forward to next year. I am happy to say I am significantly lighter in the department of chainmaille and kimono. :) Unfortunately I did not get a photograph of myself in my kimono...I think that is the only thing I am bummed out about. XD

In the meantime...grab bags!

Since I had a nice chunk of stock left over from this convention (I made way more stuff than I needed), that means I can do up some more 50% off grab bags! I will have a preview photo of the goodies to be included up in the next few days, and the bags will go up by the end of the week. I will post a submission and a journal as soon as they are available.

A brief idea of what I have available...dragons, dreamcatcher, stretch bracelets, necklaces, falling star necklace, half persian bracelets, pendants, hair clips, bottle pendants, gemstone trees, earrings, and more!

Details to come soon. But in the meantime...I need to go collapse in bed. XD


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    Omg gurl your stuff is rad. Have you ever attempted to make koi? I was looking at your dragon darlings and it just popped into my head. :b

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      Funny enough, I spent most of last night trying to figure out a nice design for a koi...needless to say, it did not go over well, which is why it has not been uploaded. XD I've had a lot of requests for them, so I am working on trying to make them!

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        Lol Oh man, good luck. I'm sure it'll be spectactular.

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    Your work is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

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      Thank you! :)

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    Oh hi!! Defiantly following you back over here. Guess what!? I finally took a shot at chainmail jewelery an I really enjoy it. Made a Celtic visions bracelet and a celtic star. I had no idea how many different sized rings there are. Gets confusing when ordering. It is fun though and I have four customers already. lol Well their my family. Do you know any good sites that have some tutorials? The book I have has some but I am not ready for those yet.

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    you've got some great work :3 ive been working chainmaille though more as side project from school, wish i could get up to your level, school takes all my money though XP anywhos welcome to Weasyl, will continue to watch your works here :3