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Sphinxify 07: Mrawl by SPHINKS

Sphinxify 07: Mrawl


16 February 2014 at 12:01:43 MST

OMG I took a lot longer than planned on this. If I didn't do a bunch of manup stuff in PS I might have gotten it done in 4 or so hours but pretty sure I spend an hour or two messing with it in PS :I STILL, I think it looks very nice and the colors came out almost exactly how I wanted. Let me know what you guys thing! ;D

Art © Yashendwirh
Character © Mrawl

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Visual / Digital


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    lovely colors and textures!

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    Beautiful... So very beautiful. o.o

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    +1 I think ya did a really cool job on this one. I enjoy the warm colored light and the way it kind of bleeds a bit of feeling into the picture. Really enjoy the expression on her face, and all the fancy jewelry. This is one of those bits of art I could just look at over and over and still enjoy it.

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    Oh wow, how wonderful! The painterly texture to this gives such depth and warmth that shines out of the darkness here. Love the wing detail!

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      Thank you! I really love a rough, organic style, or something expressive! I've tried doing the very soft lights and blending before but I can never pull it off :`)