My Name is Scott Ruggels and I am a long time professional and instructor in the computer games industry. Before then I was an illustrator, and inker in the Comic Book Industry. I was also an illustrator for several table top Role-playing game companies in the 1980's and 1990's. I have been drawing since I could hold a ball point pen. I was an avid table top role-player, and used to participate heavily in WW2 Re-enactments. I have interested in History, Science fiction, and fantasy. I've done some work for the movies,(see: IMDB) and enjoy watching them too. I am a Social and Fiscal Conservative with some Libertarian leanings and am a bit of a Second Amendment absolutist.

I work professionally in 3D, making models and some character animation, and since it's allowed here, I may post some here, later. I also prefer digital to traditional , because I live in a small apartment, that is hard to keep clean so I avoid the clutter and clean up of traditional media. However I always carry a sketchbook and a mechanical pencil and My ideas usually start with a sketch. The archives and the fandom are a hpbby and a chance to meet people and see new art. I used to be an admin at Yerf, until it cratered in 2004. I can give critiques if asked, but be warned I am honest, especially if I feel someone is of low skill. Some of the artwork posted may predate the internet, back when fannish hobbies were conducted via the U.S. Mail, so YOu may look forward to that.

Poke around the gallery, and feel free to ask me questions. I'm usually up for a conversation.

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It seems that the Waxpost Plugin has stopped working

on 27 September 2015 at 01:44:36 MDT

Some may have notices a lack of recent work of mine posted here. Generally it is because the Waxpost plugin for Weasyl has ceased to function with regards to Furaffinity. Mpw I could cross post some work, but the comics, with their system of pages and linking, is a lot of work, and my lack of enthusiasm for mowing the grass twice, induces me to not post the comic layouts here. I have put in a support notice to weasyl about this but either it's a change in chrome or a change in Fur affinity that has disabled the plugin. anyone else having similar problems?

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    Thanks, man! Haven't seen or heard from you in ages. Hope all is well with you. =)

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    Very nice to see you here too! Thanks for following! =)

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    Thanks for the fav Mr. Ruggels!

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    Thank you for the follow back! I sincerely appreciate it! :>

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    Brilliant art! I am surprised and appalled I have not found your work sooner.

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    Nice to see you around.

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    Thanks for the follow et al. Always nice to see a friendly face in a new place.

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    Damn, looking forward to some Asheru on weasyl for sure.