I'm a growing, aspiring furry artist and writer from Newfoundland, Canada! I'm just a stress-filled transgirl trying to make money and grow my skills any way I can. I spent most of my life unable to draw or write, frustrated by my own creative limitations, but now I am learning how to set myself just as free as the wind and oceans I adore. I love water, and hope to become a freediver one day soon. I'd love to one day make all sorts of comics, video games and other artistic projects for the furry community.

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GASP I CAN DRAW NOW [Open for commissions!!]

on 16 May 2019 at 23:55:03 MDT

So as you've probably noticed by the things I've uploaded, I draw now.

I'm hesitant to take on too much work, as I've been very nonfunctional from depression over the last few years - but with my new medication comes a surge of energy. I find myself simply with too much time in the day, and not enough money.

There's a simple solution for both those problems! ;)

Sketches are $25, 3-6 sketch panel comics are $100, and all other prices are to be determined - FOR NOW. Dun dun dun.

I'll be putting up a pricing sheet and more examples this week, barring sleet, hail or my apartment burning up in a firey inferno.

I'll gladly draw all manner of bizarre perversions, though I'd say the things I want to draw most are TF, inanimate and water. :)

Be sure to check out my Patreon if you want to contribute towards my artistic development on a more regular basis!

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1 Page Sketch Comic
$ 100.00


Single Character Sketch
$ 25.00
add  +Per character
$ 10.00


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