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Favourite genre of music: trance, rock, punk rock, jazz,
Favourite style of art: furry

Name: Royce
Species: Arctic fox
Hight: 6'3"
Weight: 189lb (Can change depending on different body forms)
About me:

I am an furry and anime artist (mostly furry). I mostly work with digital art. I used to work with traditional media, but since i got a new art program, i drew more digital sketches than ever.
I am also a fan of Video games, and different genres of games can vary by different consoles (PC for multiplayer and Xbox 360 for single player

I enjoy drawing fat furs. you would likely find that most of my gallery consist of fatties of any kind. But as well, I attempt to be quite versitile when it comes to art, So you will likely find different media of art every once in a while.

I am a fan of different types of music, Such as Rock, alternative, Jrock, Jpop, and mixed Genre

I enjoy coffee and Full throttle. I am a caffeene addic proud of it.

I'm mostly a person of a few words, but i like to listen in on a conversation now and then. sometimes when given the opportunity, i join in on the conversation.

I accept criticism cuz im the kind of person who wants to improve. I find criticism as a constructive method that people use to make self improvemet. so go ahead, i can take criticism

REQUESTS: Every once in a while
COMMISSIONS: always open

Latest Journal

Anyone open for sketch trades?

I am usually the one to ask a person for a sketch trade because i dont want to break any hearts when i decline. But i decided i am going to risk it because i havent had one in a while.

Now before i get into detail, i do want to point out a few things.

First, I can only accept sketch trades because it puts me and a fellow artist on a more leveled playing field. My coloring skills need work.

Second, i can only accept a cerian skill level. So i am sorry if i do deny your offer. But please dont take it as a offense.

Third, the theme is gonna be fat fur. Other themes like fantasy, sports, or the like can also be included, so long they relate to fat furs or bbws. As for NSFW, i will accept, but only under certian conditions. Just shoot a note and we can negotiate. No background or complex details.

Last and foremost, you have to use your own character, my charactersn or a random character. So sorry to anyone who wanted a pic of krystal or Renamon. I just like to be original.

I am also disabling comments because i dont want to overfill my message board

If you are interested, just shoot me a note and we can discuss.

Also please be ploite or i will automatically decline.

Also, if there are some typos, its because i am typing on my phone.

-EDIT- I can only accept a few offers. so first because i could be busy before i even know it.

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