Along with L James, I'm telling stories over on Azdion and it's one of my favorite things to do! We're doing our best to dedicate some of our storymaking time to helping others with tutorials, resources, WIPs, and maybe more! Check it out!

Little world, big adventure! Explore and discover new people, places, and things in Bottle World: Explore, an email-based choose-your-own adventure game. While you find new locations and make new friends, you can also unlock rewards that you find along the way - including wallpapers, music, and the occasional recipe. It's free to play, give it a whirl! The art and rewards are under construction for the fifth adventure. Sign up now so you don't miss out!

A research/defense facility monitors a wasteland and tries to figure out why their researchers have disappeared. More information is needed, but that requires a stronger foothold in the wastes, and that requires some degree of safety! Oops. This webcomic updates approximately every other week, with pauses between chapters.

Want a place where a lot of my art, contact information, and commission info are all in the same place but without any social chatter whatsoever? This would be the place to find it!

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Bottle World: Explore - Adventure Three

on 22 August 2017 at 08:54:47 MDT

It's Bottle World: Explore starting back up again! The days are getting shorter and I hope you're in as much a mood for Halloween as I am, because this adventure is just a little spooky and weird! 👻👻👻 The first stage went out this morning, so there's still plenty of time to jump into the spooky forests and/or rocky caves with Cecie the geomancer.

Bottle World: Explore, as a reminder, is a free email-based choose your own adventure game. All you need to do is sign up, check your email, and vote on what you think should happen. It's easy and you might get some cool rewards out of it, if you (and the other players) choose wisely!

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    YOUR WORK................IS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really needed this inspiration today! GREAT JOB!!!!

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    Your work is absolutely lovely. :) IU may have to commission you once I save up the money. :D