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Announcing Azdion's 2017 Lineup

on 1 February 2017 at 10:01:17 MST

(this was originally posted on Azdion's blog, so check there for the most up-to-date info!)

After some discussion, looking back at last year's projects, and looking ahead at 2017, ljames and I have finalized Azdion's lineup for this year!

The first new project you'll be seeing is titled Bottle World, with new content appearing as early as February. In fact, this has already updated with several minicomics! Consisting of a number of small, shorter stories, Bottle World paints a picture of a magical little world that's much bigger than it appears. Full of magic and monsters, the cute, strange, and surreal, and (most importantly!) brave heroes, the stars are the limit when it comes to discovery and adventure. The exploration potential brings us to our next title...

Bottle World: Explore is a project connected to the magical Bottle World setting. However, unlike a typical story, Bottle World: Explore encourages interaction and decision-making as an email-based choose your own adventure game! Players will receive Adventure Emails that give them the option of voting on an adventurer's actions. The adventure's length, outcome, and prizes are affected by how the votes turn out, so choose wisely! The first adventure begins in March.

Space Angel is a comic by L James, set to be released in the month of June. It's shaping up to be a sci-fi genre love story, of course, but much else is a mystery to even me. Stay tuned for what's bound to be a gorgeous comic, though! The few assets available so far already promise a good-looking work.

Vanguard is an ongoing comic about researchers and scholars studying a strange wasteland, and the story begins with a whole crew of researchers disappearing. A lot of hypotheses start popping up - everything from emergency escape gone awry to killer moles. Regardless, nothing can be confirmed until the Vanguard moves further into the treacherous wastes. This comic has been updating for several chapters on, but will be rehomed on Azdion in August.

The final major story for the 2017 lineup is The Spark, a comic by L James. This October release builds on the story of last year's Running Man. Entire districts in the city need to be evacuated when this "spark" phenomenon occurs, but without more information available from the Silver Guard, some of the locals begin to speculate.

In conclusion, look forward to several new stories in 2017, ranging from cute and cool to mysterious and mind-boggling.

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