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Let me draw your characters! My commission info is below, and full info can be found at the above link. I'll do anything from a fullbody character illustration to custom emojis for your discord server.

If you're curious about how I work in Inkscape, this guide is a complete overview. Note: this was written for Inkscape 0.91 and hasn't been updated for the latest version.

Do you like cute and goofy stories and choose-your-own-adventure? I work on an email-based game called Bottle World: Explore, where popular vote determines where an adventurer goes and what they do. Along the way, players can unlock rewards like music tracks, wallpapers, and even recipes.

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Adventure 4 has ended!

on 22 March 2018 at 13:32:04 MDT

Bottle World: Explore adventure 4 has ended and you know what that means: adventure book!! see what path the players took and what else was lurking in the jungle.

I'll be posting some adventure art soon too!!

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Custom Emoji

Per Character
$ 10.00

Full Body

Flat Color
$ 150.00
Full Color
$ 200.00

Half Body

Flat Color
$ 75.00
Full Color
$ 100.00


Flat Color
$ 30.00
Full Color
$ 45.00


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Commissions are open!

The commission form and all info can be found here!

If possible, please make inquiries using the form on my site - it's easier for me to keep track of and less likely to get lost.


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