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Hello there and welcome to my page

I'm Ardhamon, or you can call me Samurai_Canine whatever you see fit. I'm someone who has enjoyed drawings since he was 5 years old and still continues to draw till this day and majored in Graphic Design at universtiy (which I'm now graduated from). If you look at my gallery the one thing I enjoy drawing is generally fanart as I've always enjoyed drawing my favorite cartoon and anime characters since I was a kid and took inspiration from different artists and animators such as Doug TenNapel, Akira Toriyama, John Kricfalusi, Ken Sugimori (and Mato), Mine Yoshizaki, Richard Williams among other artists be it those who have worked on video games, comics and anime/cartoons I've enjoyed or even various artists I've looked up to online. I also am someone who enjoys animating from time to time and hope to make something out of it at some point. Of course I enjoy drawing furry art as well and even lewd content which I try and do every now and then. But I also have a guideline of what I consider okay and not okay.

List of things that are okay:-
General Furry Art
Fat Furs and possible weight gain
Herms and Shemales
Transformation (I love animal transformation)

Things you won't see from me:
Vomit play ( I dunno why the hell these three are considered fetishes)
Bloody or Gory shit (I'll do zombies or monsters, but not the actual situation happening. It depends on my mood)
Inflation (If it's Breast Expansion, weight gain maybe, but I don't like blimps or air pump shit)
Bondage (moderate sure but excessive, not really)
Paw or feet

Hyper (I'll take some exceptions here and there. But generally I find it strange)

Before anyone says anything about Pokemon, Digimon or Sonic, yes I will definitely draw anything related to them anthropomorphic or normal. Depends on what ideas I have for them. Sonic not as much but like I said, if I have an idea for it.

Hope you guys enjoy your visit on my page

Latest Journal

Changed my name on this platform

I've figured that since I've been using this name of FurAffinity for YEARS and also because I have a NSFW Twitter account with the same name (which you can find here ), I'd change the name of all the other furry art site platforms that I'm using.

So I'm gonna be making changes to my profile to accommodate with these changes just in case.

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Digital Art

Digital Sketches
$ 15.00
Flat Colors
$ 20.00
$ 18.00
Shaded Colors
$ 22.00
add  Additional Character
$ 12.00
add  Background
$ 17.00

Traditional Art

Cleaned-Up Pencil Drawing
$ 15.00
Colored and Inked Drawing
$ 20.00
Inked Drawing
$ 18.00
Pencil Sketches
$ 13.00
add  Additional Character
$ 11.00
add  Background
$ 13.00

So I'll be taking these for a while, however I'll probably be stopping at some point.

SFW and NSFW are both okay honestly.

Be sure to personally message me.



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    I'm thankful for the faves! it means alot ^w^

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      You're welcome! I think that you got really cute art style

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        aww i'm glad you like! :D

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