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Work in progress.

All art is copyright to Reigne Wolvenshire and may not be used or redistributed without express publicly viewable permission.
Please read my Terms of Service and Rules regarding my art and work. Thank you.
Art will state if it is not made by myself.

Terms of Service & Rules:
Commission Info:
(These still apply regardless of whether or not you look.)
I might find another site at some point to link to other than FA. Not sure! Maybe a o:

LGBT/etc friendly
BDSM friendly
Furry friendly =3
Generally friendly! ^.^
I enjoy transformation, size difference, scalies, wolves, monsters, demons, and so on.
I love kind people. n.n
I do what I like =3
I dun tolerate disrespect and I especially don't tolerate nastiness.

I draw both humans and nonhumans. I tend toward nonhumans and anthros.
I'm mainly available on FurAffinity.
I also have a DeviantArt: I rarely use it.
I also have a ad:
--I'm looking for good friends and maybe a pet. =3

For contacting me, note me on FA or message me on here (may be slow to respond).
I also have an AIM that I use specifically for IMing purposes.

Thanks! =3



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Terms of Service & Rules

I can be found mainly on FurAffinity.

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