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[Gift] Fishy! for Robyn_Paperdoll by ReigneWolvenshire

[Gift] Fishy! for Robyn_Paperdoll


Okay,   robyn_paperdoll lemme explain. It went like this:
I saw the journal, gushed all over it, then after calming down a bit from spazzing out like a derp, I saw your icon was a tiger. So, checked your profile real quick, though was still pretty spazzy, and saw both you and your mate had bouncy silly tiger icons. I glanced for a quick ref but didn't long enough. I got an idea of drawing you and your mate as the feral tigers with paw digits intertwined. Pretty cute. Then it felt a bit weird to include your mate for some reason. I started drawing to try for the pose roughly anyway then decided not to. I remembered reading you like fish, so big fluffy cuddly fish plushie n.n Then I finally checked again for a ref and drew from it accordingly. I apologize if I missed anything important. (I decided to not draw the belly ring because it'd be buried under belly fur anyway haha ^^; ) I also apologize about the mess. I tried to clean it up some. My hands are STILL shaking from excitement and gratitude. xD;


Art ©   reignewolvenshire
Tiger and her plushie ©   robyn_paperdoll@FA

Ahhh thank you thank you thank you!! Zorra thanks you too!! ^^
Also have this, I found this while googling tigers for some anatomy reference xD It's so e____e <33

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