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It's ogre

on 17 January 2014 at 19:31:18 MST

So, just when a bunch of people are moving to Weasyl, the site gets hit with a DDoS attack. What are the chances?
I guess someone was really upset about all those "Here's my Weasyl!" journals cluttering their FA inbox... :c

Aynway, seems that attack is over now, mostly because Weasyl now uses Cloudflare!
Cloudflare is some kind of reverse proxy / content delivery network / dns server combination.

I'm actually using Cloudflare myself on my own website and it's excellent, nice security features including DDoS protection.
So yeah, Cloudflare's pretty cool u guise.

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    Thanks for following!

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    Just a question but uh, why is Alien Hand Syndrome's Patreon on the Idly Falling Feathers comic page? It's hard to attract donors for it when it doesn't even direct them to the right donation pool.

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    You should put that gryphon story up here.

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    will you be continuing the story with the person in the new robot body?

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      Sorry, I don't know when I will be able to work on it.
      I do want to continue it, but my webcomic is my #1 priority right now.

      I also would like to finish Idly Falling Feathers before I start working on another comic.

      The biggest problem I have is that I work really slowly. I wish I had unlimited time and my wrist wouldn't hurt so much all the time. :c

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        ahhh that was meant with no pressure! I just was quite taken by it! :D Hello, btw, how are you?

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    Thank you for the watch, Professor!

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    Considering yourself followed. I can't believe I wasn't doing that here already ^^