hello, how are you. i am fine.

i just want to get really solid and versatile at drawing, and bang out loads of spontaneous, solid, legible doodles and drawings. i'm fine with being a jack of all trades and master of none.

i'm really scatterbrained and have an attention span of 2 minutes, please be patient if you're interacting with me. i'm working on it.

I really love roleplaying! Feel free to contact me if you're interested
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on 17 February 2014 at 11:36:02 MST

hey, how's it going. i am no_really, and i'm just checking this place out and now i need to figure out how to do the folder thing.

i'd like to get better at art and make some friends on here. feel free to crit me, or suggest that i try new things (in terms of art subjects, mainly) if i appear to be stuck in a rut. i stick with very basic tools and materials: printer paper, pens, and markers. that's pretty much it. i'd like to see how far i can go with these basic tools but i'm far, far from being solid and competent. but i'll get there one day.

i like silly, weird eccentric people as you will soon see, from all the fanart i'm going to crank out.

so anyway it's nice to meet you.

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    Hey No Really, are you on DA? or maybe FA? Are you active there? I would love to watch you on one of those sites as I feel that Weasyl isn't really worth much of my time anymore...

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      oh hey there! yeah i'm only active in my lj things, but sometimes i see what's in my da inbox. this inbox is...rather user-unfriendly to me right now, so i haven't signed in because holy shit so many things in there. it's daunting.

      ANYWAY <- main dump <- secondary dump <- pretty quiet

      since i'm working full time, i don't think i'll have anything worth going to all the trouble of putting in my super duper professional and serious deviantart and weasyl accounts.

      there's a certain forum i frequent, though. you might find out what it is...

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        Awesome, I will be having a look at these for sure!
        I have never used Lj, mainly because someone took my name and for some reason they don't allow me to take purged names without paying money...
        I also almost never use my blog...
        I kind of just find that WEasyl is redundant, as I have DA... FA... a website... and some other random things I frequent.
        Anyways, a job is more important, hoping to start a new one soon myself. And yes... perhaps i will stalk you... and find you... he he he....

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    Thank you so much for the follow <3

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    Thanks a bunch for following me :D

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    Thanks so much for the follow x33333

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    Interesting style :) you should submit more :D

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    Hello! :>