Hetherev - Troy's Arrival by OddOly

Hetherev - Troy's Arrival


9 June 2014 at 20:00:22 MDT

This story is a part of Hetherev! This isn't canon Cop Story material, consider it an AU or a pocket universe that happens between blinks of an eye or something.

It's the usual question - am I mad, in a coma or back in time? Except Troy is not that bothered as long as he's distracted by shiny stuff in the air.

It took me way too long and it's not quite how I expected it to turn out but I got to try a few new things with this page! Cop Story is mostly interiors and cityscapes so I got to work with a setting I don't normally draw much. And look, no speech bubbles to hide all the wonky parts! Troy isn't that big on talking.

Troy's reference can be found here.

Iolo (the stag) © Wolfool
Troy © Oly R.

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    This turned out FANTASTIC! I love all the colors you chose! Welcome to Hetherev, Troy! I also love that peeping badger nose!

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      Thank you! :D Turns out nature is easy to draw but so hard to colour, all those different surfaces and sporadic lighting! But it'll be easier WITH THE NEXT CHALLENGE haha.

      You know Troy's going to have fun there - the only places he dislikes are locked bare rooms. And Hetherev is as far from that as it gets!

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    Really wonderful illustrations! I love how vibrant the backgrounds are.

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      Thank you! So many opportunities to play with lighting in this setting! :D

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    I didn't know you were joining Hetherev! I'm not in it myself but the folks who are are super cool, I know you'll have a good time!

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      I'm already having fun! :D I don't chat or RP much but I'm definitely enjoying the concept and getting my characters to interact with other people's OCs without pressures like deadlines and such. I need to script Troy's second challenge properly one of these days, I have a lot of plans but not enough time...