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Hi, my name is Oly! I'm a loony and I'm proud.

When I was a kid I wanted to become a detective but I ended up becoming a professional illustrator. In my free time I'm drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.

I think comments are BRILLIANT!

DON'T thank me for favs and watches - better comment on art or fav back instead! :)

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Commenting Questionairre

Getting kind of disappointed with Weasyl lately - I try to comment more to generate some activity but people rarely even reply to comments I leave, let alone comment on my art. I know I have some watchers who actually see my art but most of them seem to be doing it on DA as well so... sometimes I really don't know what I'm doing here. And maybe I'm getting old but I feel to tired to repost stuff just for the sake of someone stumbling on it, maybe DA and Smack Jeeves are enough and anyone interested should find me there... I mean for me the main point of posting of multiple sites is getting to talk to people who don't have accounts elsewhere and if you don't get to talk...

Anyway, to make it less negative here's a questionnaire you can fill in if you have the time-

1 - What motivates you to comment on a submission?
2 - What demotivates you to comment on a submission?
3 - Are you discouraged to leave a comment if the submission already has a lot of comments?
4 - Do you feel more inclined to leave a comment in a submission if the artist usually replies to its comments?
5 - Do you find me intimidating to approach? Why?
6 - What impressions do I give off (or, what do you assume about me)?
7 - Any suggestions you want to give?

And I'm still here (for now)! I like how the site looks, I like a lot of art here (though not the stuff that tends to get on the most popular section on the main page, but honestly sections based on most faves are rubbish on all art sites) but...

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    Your work is very amazing and funny.

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    Oh gosh, thanks for the follow and the compliment. I really must say I like your art a lot, as well. I must watch. Your comic and characters. It all looks so good. I'm glad you found me, so I could find you aw.

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      Awww, thank you! This means a lot, really. And I'm glad I found you too - so mutual huzzah! :D

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    Haha, you have a funny style =D

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      Thanks! I don't mind being funny, it's not a bad thing to be. :D

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    Started reading Cop Story today and it's really good. Without getting deep into why for now I can say I know it's good because it kept me wanting to read more of it.

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      Thank you! The main storyline should continue in a month or two but for now I'll muck about with related short comics (I already miss working on the main story but it's too late to change this plan).

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        Sounds good to me. For projects like this waiting is one of the best things I could do, so whenever you get to it is dandy. Your other stories are also just as interesting, so yea it's all great to see.