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//∅ [Neutral pronouns please ❤]

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email:: nutzybebop [at] gmail [dot] com

Latest Journal

update, account on picarto and streaming

Been grinding out a lot of the work, took a small break playing some games and getting back to the grind.

I made a picarto and gonna stream, dunno how long hopefully until I finish this thing.

DISCLAIMER: I will only be announcing streams on tumblr, so you can either make a picarto account and follow mine or my tumblr. I won't be spamming galleries with such c:

I'll also be doing patreon only streams concerning patreon content, those announcements will be on the activity feed.

I'll be working on art owed this month, sorry for the commission delays, I'm still trying to play catch up after getting my computer back but the hardest workload of all is done so I'll be back on them soon. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have concerns or anything c:

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    (poke) :>

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    Thanks so much for your follow, I appreciate it! Your gallery is incredible!! I love your anatomy style so much~

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    thanks for the follow back! :>

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    Thank you~!♥

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    Your coloring technique is so breathtaking, it collapsed an iron lung.

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    AWW WOW! Your art is really amazing <3
    I am so glad I came across your profile actually, cant wait too see more of your stunning art work.

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    OMG I love your work

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    T-Thank you for the follow back!