Vesper [illustration] by quaedam

Vesper [illustration]


24 May 2015 at 04:24:39 MDT

This is unicornbar's ( ) lovely character Vesper, whom she asked me to draw on the seaside with a general yellow and blue color scheme. I understand the character is supposed to be partly (or entirely?) a (literal) dragon -- so she is or can be a dangerous person. Hence the scary eagle in front. I was just gonna put a couple of swans in the foreground, because I'm a boring person, but then the client suggested an eagle instead, that being more suitable to who the character is, and the end result was much more interesting.

The eagle is some sort of sea eagle ( ) -- probably one of these ( ), though it's verging on the size of one of these ( ). My understanding is that fish eagles/sea eagles sometimes eat water birds as well as fish, so... that poor little ibis in the right corner is maybe gonna get eaten.

The beach is based on this one ( ), and the background and colors owe quite a lot to that specific photograph, as you see.

And I suspect that these scarlet ibis ( ), and that sea eagle would not really be found in the same place at the same time IRL -- but since this is a fantasy setting, I just chose birds and locations for shape and color; I did not check to see what parts of the world they come from.

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