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Hey everyone! Just a shark girl floating around the internet, the name's Ashlyn! Not much to say about myself except I love gaming and reading. I'm a pretty big introvert and keep to myself, but if you get to know me a bit I'd love to be your friend!

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► The Anna to my Elsa ◄

NOTICE: For people interested in getting to know me to try to get "with" me, please note that I am not interested in a relationship currently, and I expect that to be respected. It's become enough of an issue the past few weeks that I feel the need to put it up here, and while I try to be nice, I've reached my wit's end with this. If you try to hit on me, you will be blocked, no exceptions. If you get ticked off that you didn't get an explanation, then obviously you didn't read this, now did you?

For everyone else, feel free to chat me up! I don't bite! :>

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Sort of announcement on my shark's species!

on 25 August 2016 at 01:28:43 MDT

So... I've never really had a name for the species of shark my shark is, as I've never really thought about it. But I came up with an idea last night I'm pretty happy with, so here we go!

My shark is a Navigator Shark. <3 They use their bioluminescence to hunt in the ocean depths, both for illumination, camouflage, and non verbal communication between other navigator sharks. They're a communal people, and more pack hunters than solitary, though they're perfectly capable of it. They also wander up on the surface at night, and the glowing spots serve to break up their outline and make them hard to pick out in areas with bioluminescent plankton.

Navigator sharks are so named because they're friendly, and have been known to be eager and proficient at leading people lost on the ocean ashore, or back to their proper heading. However, they're curiously inept at finding their own way, leading to a sort of interesting (and amusing) irony.

Ashlyn especially typifies this in how she's happy to help people in need, from providing emotional support or doing hours of research to help others, but she's rather adrift and clueless on where she's going in her own life. So for the time being she's just making her way the best she can, and stopping to lend a hand wherever she's able.

And that's it! Thoughts and opinions welcome, but I'm quite happy with my choice. I think it suits myself pretty well, lol. Keep on swimming folks! <3

Addendum about the glow: It can be semi controlled, much like someone with enough training using methods like biofeedback can learn influence typically involuntary nervous systems such as your heartbeat. But strong emotional states can affect the glow as well. So yes, if Ashlyn gets embarassed or flustered, the glow brightens, and the glow dims when she's feeling really down or depressed.

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    Your banner image just inspired me to scribble a feisty, inward-looking sketch of my fursona, trying to figure out what's wrong with himself and the world. God bless you and thank you for the inspiration at 12:30 AM.

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      Haha, I'm happy you found some inspiration from it! Every now and then I feel the need to go get a commission about something more serious/personal to me.

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        ^w^ Oh, and this has nothing to do with you, but I just realized I've been WAAY too serious about everything recently, and am actually stepping back a bit from everything and getting a grip on myself. I'm happy now!

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    Yay, shark friend! =D Lol, thanks for adding me, Ash. =)

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    boops ur snoot

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    I have been discovered! Hello darling!

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    Thank youuuu for stalking ♡